Online Shopping Some Advantages and Disadvantages While Doing This

October 11, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Shopping

Purchasing any item from the Internet. it’s called online shopping.

Let’s see advantages of online shopping

Time-saving: People do the jobs, then it is difficult to shopping. the whole day went out and look at all the shops, for the single product. what is the prize, and how is the quality, It is a good way to shop online, anytime you can go to the website. and it is possible to compare with the price, the features may brands. And you do not have to stand in can do your another important work on that day.

Better Price: Everything comes from Manufacture and wholesaler, so the price is low and quality is the good. the best deal also. Because the stores do add their margins to the price and then.they sell the it will get on the high price.for more discount, we can use credit card also.

Tracking Record: we can track our order thought tracking system .and we got to know approximate time limited when we received the order.

Variety and Availability, Quality: Sometimes its happen in offline, we choose some product, it will not get on that time, because not in stock.and variety also limited, get the minimum quality in store, but if u do online shopping then an of lot variety we can see, and many brand product is available there, so we can choose ultimate option, quality also which is the best, if we received order then also will feel not good then we can do return , that policy also available.

Gift facility: in offline if we give someone to the gift, it will not surprised, but online shopping then we can do direct delivery at the home or office address.after gift received that moment will unforgettable.they will happy.

Not forcefully for buy: in here no pressure from any sales representative for buy anything, if we like then only can buy.

24/7 Available: No limitation for working hours, all day available.

Disadvantages of online shopping.

Touch options not available: while online shopping we cant touch the product, whatever the images will show websites that only.we have to understand approximately.sometimes you have ordered something and you will receive the different one.

Delivery cost: in online purchasing, they will add shipping cost also .if you buy any small amount product from online but you have pay that standard delivery cost .without delivery cost your order will not be approved.

Late delivery: it is possible to sometimes late delivery will get.because the odd area, not the proper address, and sometimes courier boy also do the late.

Missed stopping experience: From shopping online, shopping is not the real fun of Carn, there is no sales staff, no noise, nor wait for billing experience.

So it depends on the people they want to do online shopping yes ya not, because the every service has good or bad things.

So please enjoy your online shopping.

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