Old SEO Habits That Optimizers Are Still Using

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Search engine optimization is evolving very fast. Every day, there is a new announcement from search engines about their rules and algorithm. The web pages are becoming more and more user-friendly. But, some habits remain constant. They never change in the storm of evolution. The best SEO companies are also making their optimization based on that. Though techniques of search engine optimization have modified a lot, only some strategies stand unchanged. If you belong to the SEO professionals, you must agree with the facts stated below.

Never give details about your company in public:

Your hard work is counted when you get a mark in the market. Everyone wants to know how you achieve your goal. You discuss all that you have done. The next thing you can expect from this is a growing number of competitors who are pressing you with your invented strategies. The digital world is really a complex thing to understand. Your success stories may seem attractive to others. But, your competitors will not let go a chance of dragging you down. So, don’t express your secrets of success.

Don’t let search engines and others know about your all websites:

Having more than one site under your name is a common tactic in search engine optimization. They are designed for the link building purposes that are the key to getting a good rank. But when search engines get to know about this, they will ban you from their platform. So, you must know how to hide all websites from their eyes. Don’t share website details even in any blog post.

Consciously share links between websites:

Search engine optimization stresses more importance on earning links for a site. This will impact the ranks. Some companies perform an aggressive SEO and they will never consider the negative side of it. An improper link building will lower your site’s visibility. Besides, if you build links recklessly without checking the authority of sites, you may be dragged into sudden disputes. If the site you link to gets banned, your web pages may have the same fate.

Keep the download speed fast:

A fast loading website gets more ad impressions and it earns more sales. When your website starts getting a huge traffic, there is a chance of getting your site crashed. But an intelligent design will help you avoid the issue. It depends on so many factors and considers how lightweight the coding is.

If you really want to make your site load faster, there are some rules that you can implement. Using a minimal template will help you in many ways, especially cutting down the downloading speed. Try to minimize the use of external fonts and icons and keep your site as lightweight as you can. You can also cut down the use of fancy JavaScript effects and plugins to achieve the goal.

Make your website easy to understand and link:

Keep the file name short and simple which can easily be remembered. Social media entered into the search engine optimization field and made its presence felt across the optimization rules. An easy-to-understand content always earns attention. So, design it in a way that people can share the links on social media. It will definitely help in your search engine optimization strategy.

Don’t indulge in an ugly sale:

No fancy design can bring you the expected result unless you have a good website with all the required elements. You may strike the chord with a big Buy Button with a very attractive color, but your buyers will hardly pay glances to it if they don’t get their product easily. So, you must design your websites user-friendly and that earns you profit.

So, these are the old school SEO habits that will stay forever in the field. They are important for all companies who are venturing into the digital area. It is true that search engine optimization strategies have turned the old rules upside down, but these SEO habits remain the same always.

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