Novel AI-based Device To Provide Wireless Tracking Of Health

September 21, 2018 | Author: | Posted in Health & Fitness

In the healthcare industry, artificial intelligence has become more growth with the aid of algorithms and software for recognizing the complex medical data. Over past years, AI has been developed many techniques and processes for diagnosis process, drug development, patient monitoring, and personalized medicine. With artificial intelligence, the direct human input is becoming less and operations are succeeding in a few times. In recent years, mostly medical devices are invented for the healthcare industry. These devices recommended for those patients who are suffering from diagnostic and therapeutic problems.

As we know, tracking the breath and heart rate, medical devices are very bulky and uncomfortable so researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology are thinking to innovate machine learning device “ novel medical device” which is similar to the wi-fi router.

Dina Katabi who is a professor of MIT said, “this device will be a perfect replacement of expensive, bulky and unconsciousness gear.”

It will not only used to expanse breath, heart rate, sleep and gait only by sitting in one spot but also will be helpful for those people who are suffering from depression, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Pulmonary Diseases. With this novel medical system, physicians can monitor their patient’s health wirelessly. It will be capable of conducting the low power wireless signal in one or two bedroom apartments space size. In order to investigate the reflected signals and to extract the data of physiological, it uses machine learning technique.

At MIT Technology Review’s EmTech conference which is recently held in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Katabi said, “The device takes advantage of the fact that every time we move — even if it’s just a teeny, tiny bit, such as when we breathe — we change the electromagnetic field surrounding us”.

With this innovation, the medical industry has been becoming grow. Whereas in past years, cure of many dangerous diseases was not available and that’s the main reason many people had to lose their life due to the lack of cure and solutions of these dangerous diseases such as cancer, TB, Parkinson’s diseases. Now, AI has gained more popularity in the healthcare industry and the cure for these dangerous diseases have become easier.


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