Neem Trainee Registration Process for On The Job Training Program

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Indian Govt. has launched NEEM Scheme for ‘Make in India’ initiatives with the coordination of AICTE (All India Council For Technical Education). Hence to enrol in this program Candidates have to follow some rules & regulations.

Candidates have to be able to understand the gap between their education and requirement of industries through On Job Training. Through National Employability Enhancement Mission (NEEM) registration candidates shall be getting the opportunity for “On Job Training”. giving On Job Training to the needy and eligible candidate through NEEM Scheme registration and developing their employability skills.

Candidates as a NEEM trainee undergoes extensive “on the job training” in an industry, which would enhance his employability. The trainees develop Contacts with their colleague. The trainee will tap into a network that can offer references, advice and information about new technologies.

Eligibility to become a NEEM trainee is as follows:

The candidate should be in the age of above 16 years and below 40 years at the time of application.

The candidate should be pursuing some vocational training in institutes or should be pursuing graduation or should have left studies after 10th standard.

This has been interpreted by some to mean that even MBAs can be engaged as trainees. Actually, anybody to be engaged as a trainee.

The candidate should be physically fit in all standard.

Period of Training:

The training will be provided to trainees with the industries and companies which has proper empanelment under the scheme. The duration of training will be determined by the nature of Industry or trade where a trainee would be engaged.

It can be for a minimum of 3 months and maximum of 24 months.

Leave and daily hours of work of training shall be prescribed by the policy of the Employer/ company/industry.

Remuneration/stipend shall be paid as a single consolidated amount and such payment will not attract any statutory deductions or payments applicable to regular employees.

Apart from the monthly stipend, the essential facilities such as canteen, uniform, safety shoes, insurance etc will be given to each student of job training as per company policy.


A proper legal contract has to be signed between the training provider and the trainee. It is a legal requirement and cannot be skipped. The contract will have complete details of terms and conditions that will govern the entire program.

The NEEM contract shall not be either an offer of employment or a guarantee of employment.

They will work regular hours, they will provide output to the industry. In the eyes of the Union, they must be deemed to be employed.

The stipend paid to the trainee will not be under the purview of any tax deduction & paid directly.

Termination of The Contract:

The contract can be terminated either by NEEM trainee or by Agents If either of the party does not follow the MoU signed between both the party…

If the NEEM Trainee is not following any terms and conditions of the NEEM Contract, then the training provider can terminate the contract by giving a Notice of 30 days.

NEEM trainee can terminate the contract where the NEEM agent fails to honour any of the terms of the contract by giving a written notice 30 days in advance, to the NEEM agent.

The contract of the training shall expire on the expiry of the period of training as mentioned in the contract letter signed between the NEEM trainee and NEEM agent.

NEEM contract cannot be used as a basis for applying for full-time employment in the company where the NEEM trainee is receiving his training.

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