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India, the land of the great opportunities but somehow we always see youth protesting, that there is a lack of a job. NEEM scheme is launched for the students who passed out degree courses but lack of skills to do work in an industry. To enhance their skill and increase productivity for the company the Indian Govt. has launched this mission. The idea is to help any person pursuing or completed their diploma or graduation studies in any technical or non-technical stream to increase their employability. The Central Government has been taking several initiatives through which it aims of adding 5 million employable youth to the workforce by 2019-20.

The Scheme aims at producing skilled labours and counters the problem of the skilled labour shortage in India. NEEM Scheme is about creating on the job training. Fees are borne by the beneficiary industry and in addition to that, the students are paid stipend also to take care of their livelihood. The stipend shall be paid as a single consolidated amount.

This program is applicable to industrial sectors like automobiles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, construction, hospitality etc. The mission will allow a training provider to take in graduates or diploma holders from colleges and place them in the industry to train them, thereby increasing their employability. The Company provide quality work experience to the trainees.

There are specific provisions only for an apprentice. Under the new NEEM scheme again you can employ trainees for up to 3 years without statutory deduction of PF ESIC. The access to students has increased and quality metrics have improved. It allows the company to work with qualified but inexperienced people without paying out costly salaries and have the option of identifying the best of them to offer s permanent job.

A stipend will be paid as per the regulations of the minimum wages specified under the unskilled category. Training will be imparted by way of classroom/ cloud. The NEEM Trainee here gets benefited by getting cutting-edge technology training without paying anything. At the end of the training programme, each student will be awarded a certificate. It will help unemployed youth to build skills through Learning by doing and Learning while earning along with getting the knowledge to practical skills.

Presently, more than 10,000 students are enrolling every year for the on job training programme in more than 100 companies in various industrial sectors. In this scheme, NEEM Agents formulate on the job training program in consultation with industry for their present and future skill sets requirements, After completion of training, you can easily get the job in concerned industries. It has the potential to serve the purpose of both the government which wants to provide jobs and the industry which wants trained and experienced hands.

Earn and learn program with on the job training can be a good opportunity for unskilled youths to acquire industry-standard skills and expertise. The student gets an opportunity to learn a job skill & earn an employment. They get quality work experience with the reputed organization. Students are also benefited in their future career.

It is a work and study scheme which gives a head-start in career development to students. These jobs help the youth in building professional skills, the dignity of work, customer relationship and other aspects of the business.

The amounts paid and the aggregate in the CTC are only indications of all the expenses incurred by the employer and not the actuals payable at the end of the training period. Therefore, one can not come to a hasty conclusion of less payment in breach of the contract on the basis of C.T.C alone.

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