Mobile Hangar- The Best Accommodating Shelters For You

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History of Mobile Hangar

It’s a closed building that shelters any heavy and sized things. Even its aircraft, or used as a garage purpose, gas industry, or any other business purpose. The Wright Brothers were the first that used the wooden hangar to repair their aircraft. As aviation becomes established in different parts of the world before World War 1, standard designs were made to form for the military purpose too. And then later on different forms of Mobile Hangar were established slowly for multiple purposes.

Construction, Customization and Installation of mobile hangars

The mobile hangars need special structures to be built. In order to safely place the large equipment under the mobile shelter the doors should be sufficiently large and build accordingly. Aviatech’s Portable Aircraft Hangar doors are automated that can be controlled remotely. And they are easily installed with the less possible time. The size of the mobile hangars is classified under certain measurements that fulfill every need.  The sizes are accordingly as S, M, L, XL, XXL that are helpful for storing smallest private aviation jets or helicopters, to the largest commercial aircraft, including military vehicles, satellites etc. Aviatech’s offers the reliability proven aircraft hangars that withstand extreme cold and heat and require no intense maintenance. Also, Aviatech’s hangars are exceptional because they can be easily customized with the LED lightening, diesel generators, heaters and much more.

Key benefits of Mobile Hangars

  • No foundation
  • Customizable to any size
  • Fast lead time — from 7 days
  • Easy to set up & quick to erect
  • Energy efficient
  • Compact & low weight
  • Reloadable in a few days
  • High wind resistance
  • Environment-friendly

Ensure the safety of the Hangars

After the installation of the mobile hangar, the securing is also to be maintained.  It’s vital to know how to keep your mobile shelter protected all the time. Access control to your aircraft hangars, CCTV surveillance, the on-site security company, alarm systems and much more ensures the safety of your hangars.  Aviatech hangars can be secured with traditional anchors or by loading weight into ballast compartments that are located within the pneumatic frames. These compartments are accessible from both the inside and outside of the building, allowing for easy setup and management.

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Aviatech is a diversified group of companies sharing a common ambition of providing multi-purpose hangar solutions for aeronautical & industrial applications.With facilities in Europe, United Arab Emirates and CIS countries, we engage in distribution of premium-class inflatable hangars. Our products are known for their quick deploy, unrivaled reliability, longevity as well as a proven track record of satisfied customers around the globe.


Aviatech is a diversified group of companies sharing a common ambition of providing multi-purpose hangar solutions for aeronautical & industrial applications.

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