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Surrogacy is definitely a brilliant choice for the couples who are going through some kind of medical problems. There are a lot of people out there who want the children of their own and this when surrogacy can really be a good choice for them. Though finding the surrogate can be a critical task for any couple but nowadays as it is a legal process there are many centres that provide this facility. So by associating with them you can definitely look forward to a healthy surrogate who will be happy to help you.


One of the best surrogacy treatment centre that you can go for is Matrika Medicare. It is a well-known centre where you can receive the top notch surrogacy services along with IVF as well. Since years it has been serving the couples with the best services they are looking for. If you are looking for complete range of services then this is certainly the right and trusted centre for you.


When searching for a surrogate, here are some of the things that you can keep in mind.

  • The female whom you are choosing to become a surrogate should be of 21 years of age or above.
  • She should be healthy enough to be able to deliver a healthy baby. For this you can make sure to carry out a few tests and proper a diagnosis to decide whether she is fit to be a surrogate or not.
  • It will be good if she has delivered a baby before. This is because of the simple reason that she will be well versed with the ways to nurture the baby, what to eat and do to deliver a healthy baby. She will be familiar with the risks as well and therefore will take care of everything. So this can be an added advantage for the intended parents.
  • The surrogate should be ready to sign a contract with all the terms and conditions. This is very important because at the end you need your baby and the surrogate should comply by all the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract.
  • She should be able to devote enough time to the process and come for regular check-ups to. During the initial weeks the visits may be frequent and will slowly come down. Hence you need to make sure of the same too when you are searching for any surrogate for your baby.


Thus by keeping in mind the above 4 things you can definitely end up finding a female who will consider your baby as theirs and nurture them in the best possible way. As it is a long process, the surrogate needs to have patience and time both. Sometimes they may also have to suffer from pain and take medicines as well. So as a couple you need to be sure of everything and then only begin with the process. Once you are satisfied, you can move ahead with the process and look forward to successful results of getting blessed with a baby. All the best!


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