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Many people decide to purchase iPhone because of their amazing features that are offered by Apple cell phones. One of the models of Apple Phone is iPhone 7. If you are someone who is looking for awesome and upgraded Apple Phone features, then you should definitely consider purchasing this cell phone. This article will help you to understand various features of this iPhone 7and iPhone 7 Plus and the prices.



IPhone 7: the features to know about:

  • This cell phone comes with 4.7 inches screen and it weighs 138 g. This cell phone comes with a display LED backlit IPS LCD capacitive touch screen and it will offer the users with 16M colours, which helps to get display of vivid and crispy colors. The glass is strong and sturdy and this is because the glass is ion strengthened and it comes with oleo phobic coating.
  • This cell phone comes with the technology of dust and water resistant up to 1 meter and only for 30 minutes.
  • This cell phone offers a good low light camera and this cell phone will offers internal capacity which is double.
  • However, the users will find that this cell phone comes with the same old Apple phone designs of the previous Apple phone models. The battery life is similar to its predecessors.


The 12 MP cameras will help the users to capture excellent quality photos, which are crispy and vivid. The home button has been removed from the design of iPhone7 and the users will be able to get a design, which only responds to pressure. There is also no headphone jack and the users will need to use a headphone which is wireless.


This cell phone was launched back in September 2017 and the 32GB cell phone starts with $649. However, it is cheaper than the iPhone 7 Plus. The users will be able to purchase the iPhone 7 from Apple stores in Dubai and also from any other authorized stores in Dubai. The users will be able to get this cell phone for AED 2199. There are four different colours that the users will be able to purchase from any stores and outlets that are authorized by apple and also at the Apple stores.


iPhone 7 Plus – features and price:


  • If the users are looking to purchase an Apple model with upgraded features but doesn’t want to opt for any of the latest models of Apple Phones which are to be released this 2017, then one can definitely consider getting Apple iPhone 7 Plus. This cell phone comes with the 2x optical zoom. The users will be able to use booked portrait mode with this cell phone to capture vivid and colourful photos of excellent quality. The battery life also is excellent with this cell phone and it also lasts longer than iPhone 7.
  • This cell phone comes with water resistant technology. This cell phone will also offer users with a larger sized storage option of 256 GB and this is a great option for those who are serious photographers.
  • This models also comes with no headphone jack, therefore, the users will have to use lightening. The users can also use the provided adapters. This cell phone comes with 5.5 inch screen. This model also has got the 3 GB RAM.


The users will be able to purchase this cell phone from any authorized dealers of Apple in Dubai and also from the Apple Stores. The price of this cell phone is AED 2699. The users will however be able to get discounts from outlets and shops if they are offering such offers, which will greatly reduce the price.


Both iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are amazing models of Apple Phones which were released in 2016. Both of these cell phones will offer the users with excellent features. If someone is unimpressed with the battery life of the previous Apple Phones, then they can try out iPhone7 Plus model, which offers better battery life, even more than the iPhone 7. The dual cameras of this phone also offer the users with excellent capture of vivid and colorful photos.


However, if the users are looking for a small sized cell phone, then they can opt for the iPhone 7 models, which measures 4.7 inches. The iPhone 7 Plus comes with a screen size of 5.5 inches. Both the cell phones come without the earphone jack; therefore, the users can use the adaptor, which are included for both models.


Those who want to get an upgraded featured iPhone, but they don’t want to spend a lot of money, they can easily opt for the iPhone 7 model, which is significantly cheaper than iPhone 7 plus. With the upgraded features and size, iPhone 7 plus offers the best value. However, this preference depends on the users who are going to purchase the phone.


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