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An Anniversary is one such special occasion in the married couple’s life that carries great spirits of happiness mixed with love, care and togetherness. So, to retain the importance of this day alive, gifts play a major role. People keep looking for Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas exchanging gifts are a part of the anniversary celebration that makes the occasion truly a memorable one.

It is a very common for people to get puzzled as soon as they enter in the gift shop owing to the dilemma for choosing the best anniversary gifts for dear and loved ones. Therefore, it is always good to grab some information about types of gifts that can be presented as anniversary gifts rather than hovering around in the gifts shops. When one is looking for perfect anniversary gifts, it depends on age of the receiver, types of relationships one share with them and many other allied factors. The selection of gifts also depends on the fact if one is invited as a guest for the party or one has to give anniversary gift to her beloved and also depends on the fact if it is modern anniversary celebration or a traditional one. Keeping all these in mind, below are mentioned top 8 Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas that might be useful to people scratching their head to find the one:

1. Flowers

It is one of the most fascinating gifts for any occasions and festival. There are different flowers gifted by nature that symbolizes different meanings. One can choose flowers depending on anniversary years such as Carnations flower for 1st anniversary, Daises for 5th, Daffodils for 10th, Roses for 15th, Iris flower for 20th anniversary and so on. One can buy flower bouquet inclusive of this flower either alone or in combination with other flowers of different colors.

2. Crystal Rose

Looking for the best anniversary gift? How about presenting a crystal Rose the loved one? Truly awesome! The small & beautifully designed rose in three dimensions from crystal/glass is an attractive showpiece that the recipient will remember through the life. Adding a personal message to this elegant gift is something that will enhance its beauty to multiple folds.

3. Message in a Message Bottle

Feeling shy to express the heartily feelings and care to beloved? Anniversary is the best time to convey it that too without speaking a single word from the mouth. Write the message in piece of paper all those unspoken words that, either in the form of poem, letter, lovely note or just a romantic message, fold it or roll it and leave in the message bottle. Now keep this bottle nearby him without letting him/her know about and hide to see his reactions at any corner of the room. Definitely, this will bring smile to the face and love at the heart of the receiver. This will surely be one of the Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas (https://www.giftalove.com/anniversary) that might have never come across.

4. Jewellery

If someone is puzzled in selecting anniversary gifts for Her, then nothing can bit the jewellery option as it is ladies’ best friend irrespective of any age. So, choose from a wide range of jewellery option such as pendant, necklace, bracelet, anklet, rings and other such exclusive items and present it to wife, mother, sister, sister-in-law and other relationships one have. To bring charm to this gift, personalization is one option that enhances the importance of gifts to many folds. Get the jewellery engraved with names, zodiac sign, short phrases or other such designs that gives it a personal touch and offer it to loved one. One can also send this anniversary gift online via the reliable gifting website and make the occasion a pleasurable one.
5. Musical Jewellery Box

One might have given a jewellery gift all these years on different occasions but this anniversary, gifting a musical jewellery box is truly a mind-blowing idea. Get the box customized with romantic songs with her name printed on it and let her keep jewelleries in an arranged manner within the box. On receiving such a wonderful anniversary gift, her mind will surely fill with happiness & she will be amazed with surprise.

6. Plan for a Surprise Gift

Blending love and care in the happily married life of couple and celebrating this moment is what anniversary celebration is meant for. If one wants to give surprise his wife on this memorable day of the life, make her feel special by arranging everything himself for the entire day. Begin the day by placing romantic messages to different places she likely to visit at every corner of the home during morning hours. Arrange for a lavish yet healthy breakfast so that some quality time can be spent together and when she returns back to the room, surprise her with unique and eye-catchy gift.

7. Personalized T-shirt

If someone is looking to unique personalized gift for him, customize a skin-friendly T-shirt with some funny cartoon of his own picture printed on it. One can also get quotes, phrases; lovely messages printed on the T-shirt and stun him with wonderful surprise. This will not be just the unique anniversary gift for him but also the ultimate one that he has never imagined also.

8. Chocolate Bouquet

One might have presented chocolates many times in life so far, but anniversary is the time to surprise the dear and loved ones. So, choose an elegantly designed chocolate bouquet rather than box of chocolate and make the receiver feel special with this special gift. The bouquet of chocolate can be inclusive of Ferro Rocher or Dairy Milk or a mixture of different types of chocolates arranged in a similar way as flower bouquet is designed. This is one gift that one can request for online delivery at the recipient’s address in the midnight via midnight delivery service.

Hence, there are enormous anniversary gifs to choose for. However, it is imperative to know best & Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas to surprise the loved and dear ones.

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Sonali Singh is a professional writer and she has been working in gifting industry for more than 3 years. These days, she is enthusiastically taking up the task of writing on different type of gifts including Birthday gifts, Flowers, Cakes and various upcoming occasional gifts like Valentine gifts.


Sonali Singh is a professional writer and she has been working in gifting industry for more than 3 years. These days, she is enthusiastically taking up the task of writing on different type of gifts including Birthday gifts, Flowers, Cakes and various upcoming occasional gifts like Valentine gifts.

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