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Light comes from the sun or putting on a switch. Illumination on the other hand is a science. An Interior Designer’s understanding of playing with light to illuminate a space… makes it an art. Regardless of the space to be lighted—a bank, an office, a gallery, a restaurant, a store, a classroom or a home—and regardless of the light sources available for use, lighting up a space is a physics based process. The type of light source, the wavelength and frequency of light, use of properties of light such as reflection, refraction, glare or sparkle, all play a role in creating a magical experience for the inhabitants of a space. At Jagruti Designs, an interior design company in Pune, we are well versed with the science and art of illumination.


In this post we take a look at some basic light sources that promise to not just light up your home but also your soul

Track Lighting

Track lighting are usually used in Kitchens aimed at particular areas such as counter tops and cabinets. The beauty of track lights is that by their very nature, they could be used for particular functions such as highlighting an artefact, painting, etc. Or, used to light up a room in general. There are several styles and variations that track lighting are available in. The styles, the tracks, the energy consumption, the patterns could be overwhelming sometimes. At Jagruti Designs we understand this and can help you choose the best fixtures for your particular requirements.

Recessed Lighting

These are lights that are static and inserted into a ceiling. Based on the bulb used it could be used as a broad source of light or a spotlight bringing attention to a particular area.

Housing, trim and the bulb are three parts of these lights. It is of paramount importance that ample space be given for particular housings. The trim and the bulb are your style statements! Thus working out housing is a technical endevour while helping you select trims and bulbs is a matter of aesthetics.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

As the name implies, under cabinet lighting are fixtures used beneath cupboards and cabinets. Typically, these lights are used in areas needing any counter top illuminated such as in different areas of workshops or at home in kitchens.

One of the most important aspect of Under Cabinet Lighting is what surface it is being used to illuminate. A metric known as Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) comes into play here. For example something earthen and woody would have a light of a different CCT as compared to more reflective surfaces such as glass.

Floor Lamp

An item that could go Oh So Right …or could be an ugly monster in a corner! 2 most important things while selecting this kind of light: 1) Room Dimensions 2) Furniture. The size of your floor lamp needs to be in proportions with the height and in general the expanse of the room. It also needs to match in style and dimensions with the furniture in the room. A slick modern styled lamp would be out of place in an ornately decorated room. So would a grand and intricate looking lamp be completely out of place in a minimalist room.

Purpose of use (Accent Lighting, Task lighting, Ambient Lighting), Material, Color and illumination are all factors to be considered while selecting that just perfect floor lamp.


Table Lamp

This is one lighting source where you get to play and experiment! Shade or no shade. LED or incandescent. Minimal or extravagant. Functionality first or aesthetics? Western or oriental. There are many aspects to interior design where things could go horribly wrong and thus caution is advised. Table lamps are definitely not one of those. On the contrary… throwing caution to the winds is what’s advised!


Nothing says opulence as much as a Chandelier. Done right, the chandelier could single handedly establish your taste in all things fine and exotic. There is no dearth of styles for the right kind of Chandelier to light up your living rooms.

Some of the examples being Wedding Cake, Soda Glass, Prism, Crystal and Beaded. These are just the most basic type of Chandeliers. Based on your interiors (and the statement you want to make) Jagruti Design Studios helps you select these magnificent gems for your residential interior design that light up your sky at night.

Wall Sconces

A Sconce is a lighting fixture that is completely supported by the wall it is mounted on and has no support either from the ground or the ceiling. Sconces are a fantastic alternative to mirrors, art and other wall accessories that enliven your home or office space. Moreover, it serves as an additional source of light.

Sconces as all other lighting fixtures are available in a whole host of styles and functionalities. You can mount sconces to bring a sense of uniformity and symmetry while lighting up hallways and passageways. Or these are silent yet powerful sources contributing to ambient lighting in your bedrooms or living rooms.

Up light, down light, up/downlight, Candle style are some of the typical wall sconces available in the market.

Pendant Lighting

Ever seen lights hanging from ceiling in clusters and particular patterns? These are Pendant lights. Pendant Lights are available for every kind of room, outdoor setting, function and feature in every material and style you could dream of.

Like Chandeliers and Scones, these lights bring their own signature charm and panache.

Island Pendants, Mini Pendants, Glass Pendants, LED Pendants, Orb & Globe Pendants, Drum Pendants, Outdoor Pendants and Lantern Pendants  are just a few of the types available.

Wall Washers

The functional element of Wall Washers is to keep walls and fences lit and visible at night. Thus it is a significant consideration in office interior design. Wall Washers are a significant feature for real estate security. However wall washers also double up as a strong vibe creator in malls, resorts and opulent homes.

Wall washers apart from keeping walls well lit, also contribute tremendously to nighttime landscape beauty. Gardens, water falls, trees… all come alive with intelligently installed wall washers.


 So there you have it, 9 from a thousand different types of lighting sources and fixtures. Fixtures that are fun to implement and bring some much appreciated freshness and life to otherwise ordinary spaces.

Reach out to us for detailed discussions on all your illumination challenges and ambitions.

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