Light Up your Life: Best Places to See the Northern Lights

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It is said that the Northern Lights are where the angels in the sky dance, and Man is able to see them move. The night sky lights up as ripples and rays of light shine with an eerie and fascinating glow to produce the greatest show on Earth. Of course there is a scientific explanation for what causes the sky to light up with the bright dancing lights of a pale green hue. According to the boffins, the lights are produced when particles in the Earth’s atmosphere collide with particles released from the Sun’s atmosphere. Keeping aside the science behind the magic that is the Northern Lights, this is one destination that is probably on everyone’s bucket list. If your curiosity is peaked then here are a few places to visit for the light show.

Iceland (Jökulsárlón Glacier)

This is a unique destination from which to see the Northern Lights you get to encounter two magnificent natural phenomena at the same time. Jökulsárlón, which is also called The Crown Jewel of Iceland, is a glacial lagoon where icebergs meet the ocean. With an appeal that is unmatched due to the unique geomorphological features of Iceland’s deepest lake, this is one destination that promises to be unforgettable with or without a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

Kangerlussuaq, Greenland  

Kangerlussuaq is located in inland Greenland and lies protected by mountains and ice. Situated close to the airport, this is a destination that has over 300 clear nights per year which makes the chances of catching a good light show as high as you can get. Another reason to choose this location is the almost complete lack of man-made light pollution that could interfere with the natural aesthetics of the Northern Lights.

TromsØ, Norway  

TromsØ located in northern Norway is also called The Gateway to the Arctic and lies between fjords, mountain peaks and islands. This is a great place to see the wonder of the Northern Lights and to enjoy a range of arctic adventure activities like dog sledding, whale watching and snowmobiling. With so much to do here, this is a perfect destination for both solo adventurers and romantic couples.

Abisko, Sweden  

Abisko in Sweden is home to the Aurora Sky Station in the Abisko National Park where a chairlift ride takes you up to the observation tower and gives you that unique experience of watching this natural phenomenon from high up and surrounded by mountains. Abisko, which is particularly known for its clear skies, also has winter activities and special tours for those who are interested in exploring with an experienced guide.

A memorable trip to the Northern Lights requires careful planning and some preparation. You’ll need a comprehensive single trip travel insurance policy, a reliable hire car, durable boots, warm clothes, and a camera to capture those special moments.

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