Let’s Shed Some Light On The T-Shirt Market In India

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The wardrobe of consumers in international as well as Indian market is showing a perceptible shift from formal wear to casual wear. As a result, casual wear categories such as T-shirts, jeans, denims, trousers etc. are witnessing high growth prospects. In India, consumers are no longer confined to formal shirts and trousers for every occasion. Instead, they want variety in their closet for different occasions such as gym, office, parties, get-together, morning or evening walk, etc. This inclination towards casual wear clothing has given a mighty push to the t-shirt market in India and has brought t-shirts in forefront of daily fashion trends of the country.

The size of the T-shirt market in India is estimated to be Rs 23,211 crore currently. It is growing at a CAGR of ~10 percent and is expected to reach 61,954 crore by 2027. The category mainly includes knit shirts, polos and knit tops. The market is mainly dominated by the men’s wear that comprises 83% of the total market. However, women’s segment is growing at a faster rate due to increasing acceptance of casual wear among women especially in tier I and tier II cities.

The ratio of consumption of woven shirts to t-shirts is approximately 2.5. However, due to this gradual shift towards t-shirts, the ratio is expected to come down to 2.1. Similar shift is being noticed not only in India but also in all major apparel consuming countries. In India, t-shirt market is mainly dominated in the urban area. However, it has started picking momentum in rural areas as well, all thanks to penetration of internet and online shopping.

Factors that give momentum to the t-shirt market of India:

  • The major driving forces include easy maintenance, affordability, design options, comfort and impressive look.
  • Although the youth remains the core consumer base, people from all age groups are accepting t-shirts due to its comfort and easy handling properties.
  • The evolving trend of occasion-specific clothing has also given a push to the casual wear. Casual wear portfolio is incomplete without a t-shirt. Further, not-so fashion conscious people also love t-shirts for their daily use and small occasions.
  • The increasing acceptance of t-shirts in the corporate world has also scaled up the t-shirt market considerably. Earlier, casual wear was allowed only on Fridays. However, these days, offices have become quite flexible in dress codes, allowing casual wear on all working days.
  • Not only in urban regions, the shrinking boundaries in internet age have taken t-shirts to smaller towns, rural areas, middle-aged consumers, and women as well.
  • Thanks to the e-commerce, t-shirts are available on all leading fashion online websites. Almost all fashion brands have this product category available, with numerous design options.

The craze for t-shirts in the international market is not new. However, the growing trend of t-shirts in a country like India gives immense opportunity to retailers, garment exporters and fashion brands to expand their business.  A Credence Research report from March 2018 says, “t-shirt market in India is one of the fastest growing categories in the country’s apparel market”


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