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Leakage Free with AquaLux Drain and Plumbing Service

A house with no leakage is one of the most ideal houses one expects to live in. But it is more than difficult to maintain that quality. This is where plumbing comes to rescue. Be it the hired professionals who excel at fixing the leakage or your own tips or tricks, plumbing is an inseparable part of our daily life.

But is it better to do things on your own or call the plumbing services during emergency is a difficult question to answer? And if asked for help, which one to call and how to check which service is the best are the next follow up questions that strikes the mind. In a city like Toronto or Mississauga, you can find one plumber at the end of every street or may be two sometimes. Hence it becomes more than difficult to decide!

Aqua Lux Drain and Plumbing Service is one the best plumbing services that you will ever come across in your town. Serving in Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville, Scarborough, North York, Vaughan, ThornHill and Brampton for the past decade, Aqua Lux is an established name in the world of plumbing now. We aim to provide all kinds of drain, water proofing and plumbing services in your house.

Sewer Cleaning Services: We assure you to get rid of the plunger that has been placed by the side of your sink in case it gets blocked. We have trained professionals to deal with all kinds of drainage problems of your house.

Plumbing Services: We are a top notch name in the market which not only promises to provide satisfactory services of plumbing but also provide it at the rates that everyone can afford. Any leakage in the house, call us and it’s gone.

Water proofing: Water proofing has become a necessity in every house nowadays. So if you don’t want the flow of water to back fire in your house, call us and get rid of it.

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