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As the companies strive for greater sales and higher revenues, the importance to generate quality leads and their conversions cannot be overlooked. What businesses need to understand is not to run after every single lead but to focus on the right leads and pursue them.

A sales funnel is a visual depiction of the stages involved in selling products or services. It shows how many prospective leads you have in each stage of your sales cycle along with respective conversion rates. The need is to alleviate leakages at each step and have more leads turn into customers.
When it comes to planning lead generation strategy for your business, you should first work on improving the quality of leads generated and then chase the numbers. For the leads that do not convert into customers or clients are of no use no matter how huge the number.

Poor quality leads not only will cost your time and resources, but hinders your business as well. According to the study, because of the poor conversion rates; companies end up wasting 90% of their marketing budget. Poor ROI is one after effect, which can further worsen the case is that such situation subsequently coaches the sales personnel to not bother pursuing leads.

Do not forget the numbers

Nothing can spell a good news, or right direction for a business more than a quality lead. Such leads not only turn into new customers, but if worked on well can give repeat business to the company.

However, producing a few quality leads in months time will also not do any good to the business. The scenario will be as bad as generating numerous low quality leads. The success of your lead generation campaign, is not about working on getting leads but getting quality leads.
Videos can make you some serious money. Adding a product video on your landing page can increase conversions by 85%. Are you yet to make yours? Well, what’s the wait for. Landing page Explainer video could be the newest addition to promote your business. After all, vision is the most dominating sense and having made Landing page Explainer video will grow brand awareness, build the relationship and increases sales.We research your business, simplify your message, and create custom explainer videos that connect with your audience. Find out what we can do for you.The landing page is your web page that where your viewer/visitor “lands” on. It is your website page that plays a vital role in capturing your visitor’s information in the form of leads. An attractive landing page whiteboard video will help in targeting traffic as well as leads. The landing page video has got all the potentials of conversing your potential lead into the customer. It’s supposed to be simple. All you want is to update your website, create a landing page and a marketing funnel so that you can start attracting a flood of new customers and making money. Unlike your homepage, a landing page is designed specifically with a single objective in mind, so it makes analytics reporting and testing a much easier task. There should also be no navigation or extraneous links included on the page but, rather, a single easy action for visitors to take. Ideally, landing pages can be created quickly, tested and altered easily if need be to improve the efficiency of your conversions.

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