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Kolkata is a gastronomically advance city. Here you can find different options ranging from authentic Chinese and Tibetan foods, to home styled Bengali cuisines. In this article, the author is discussing some of the popular eating destinations in the city.

Kolkata is a food lover’s paradise. This gourmet capital can provide the visitors some unforgettable gastronomic experiences to the visitors. If you are here, or are planning to visit the city, then make it a point to visit some of the old and popular eateries. These eateries have made their mark and are biggest crowd pullers. Be it biryani or the soft rassagulla, nothing can beat the charm of the city. You can even find the best and authentic dimsums, in the small shops at Chinatowm.

A driver of popular car Rental Company conducting airport car hire Kolkata says that most passengers after hopping into his cab discuss about the famous Bengali sweets and desserts. The city is very popular for those items, and you would find people crowding the well-liked sweet shops during anytime of the day.

If you are at Kolkata, do try out the famous rassagulla at K.C Das. Typically North Kolkata is famous for it authentic and traditional sweets. Here you can find the very old Bengali sweet shops such as ‘Balaram Mullick & Radharam Mullick’ and ‘Nalinchandra’ running for over a century. Recently, these establishments have been introducing innovative sweets and desserts. These delicacies have been made with variety of unheard ingredients in the Bengali kitchen. It is due to these innovations that the culinary experts are able to taste Butterscotch Jolbhora, and Mango Gellato Sandesh.

When we are talking about food, how can we forget the iconic Kolkata Biryani. The Kolkata Biryani, has a distinctive taste and can be identifies with it tempting aromas. You would also identify the biryani with its dressing of potatoes and eggs. The legend says that, the dish was brought to the city by the then exiled nawab of Lucknow , Wajid Ali Shah. Later on, the recipe was heavily modified from the original one. The modification gave the recipe its distinct taste, and a delicate balance over the Awadhi style of cooking.

Among the biryani lovers of the city, there is always steady debate as to which restaurant serves the best Kolkata Biryani. Some of the restaurants famous for their flavorful rice dish are Shiraz Golden Restaurant, Aminia, and Arsalan. The Oudh 1590 is fairly a new restaurant, but is already attracting the attention of the Biryani admirers.

Discussing food, how can one forget the wide arrays street variants available in the roadside stalls? Popular street foods such as Puchka, and the fried fetters locally known as ‘Telebhaja’ are a delightful treat to anyone. Nowadays, popular restaurants and eateries have launched their own variants of street foods. Likewise, the culinary masters have brought in innovations in these variants as well. However, according to popular opinion, street-food tastes best when brought from the streets.

In Kolkata, people flock around these streets food centers for a quick bite. Probably they are India’s answer to the American fast food chain. Bhawanipore is one of the popular Phuchka destinations of the city. Also without mentioning the iconic Kathi Rolls, the list would be incomplete. It is said that the famous Kathi Rools were invented in the city, by a restaurateur. Later on, the dish became immensely popular and spread out its wings. For a good Kathi Roll, you can always visit Zaika, or Aminia.

Also, nothing beat the love of a good cup of tea among the people of the city. Everyone loves their cup, and uncountable number of tea stalls is the proof of that. People here mostly prefer the Darjeeling Tea leaves, sourced locally from the nearby region. Some like the intense flavors of the black tea, others boil their tea leaves in milk, water, and sugar making a sweet concoction. Either ways, this refreshing drink is Bengali’s ways to rejuvenate themselves.

If you come to Kolkata, do not miss these places for a gastronomic experience you will never forget.


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