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With the invention of technology in various fields and spaces, there has been a lot of growth even in the technology of building various kinds of underground pipe locator too.


It is quite a herculean task to locate the underground cables and pipes and at such instances, it becomes mandatory to use the underground cable detector.


Let us quickly check some of the benefits of using pipe and cable locator.


  • Latest technology


The underground pipe detector used these days is made using the latest technology. Detecting the cables and pipes manually can become quite dangerous and also the workers need to use the crude methods to locate the faulty cables.


Hence, with the implementation of advanced technology locating pipes and cables have become way too simpler.


  • Cost effective


The underground locating equipment used these days can replace a lot of manpower as single equipment is capable of locating a lot of pipes and cable. Hence there is no dependency on people as such and this can reduce cost to a larger extent.


  • Reduces human effort


Technology has to be implemented for the human benefits. Whenever, there is a new technology introduced, it is done in order to reduce the human effort. So, is the case with thecable pipe detector as well as it reduces human effort to a greater extent!



  1. Different kinds of Pipe Detectors


Acoustic Pipe Detectors


Whenever there is a vibration underground due to faulty pipes and cables it becomes mandatory to get the underground pipe detector which is acoustic in nature. These pipe detectors are used because of their accuracy in locating the issues with the faulty cables and pipes.


Since, these detectors are pretty cheaper, a lot of people and these days go for this technology.


However, there are a lot of limitations with the Acoustic Pipe Detectors and below mentioned are a few restrictions that you would come across while you are using Acoustic Pipe Detectors.


  • Decrease in signal


The distance of the sound unit and the signal frequency from the acoustic pipe detector is inversely proportional to each other. Hence, when the sound unit’s distance increases the signal from the detector decreases drastically and this can be one of the major setbacks while using Acoustic Pipe Detector.


  • Material of the pipe


Acoustic pipe detectors are active when they come in contact with metal pipes and the signal becomes less when there are plastic pipes installed underground.


  1. Leak Detectors


Leak detectors are used to detect the leakages in the pipes. These pipes are very sensitive in nature and are capable of finding out the leakages quickly.


Limitations of Leak Detectors


  • Expensive


These are pretty sensitive in nature hence; they become very expensive when compared to the acoustic pipe detectors.


  • Skills

Since these leak detectors are a little high end, the operator should be highly skilled and should be able to understand the complexities involved in the operation of this equipment thoroughly.


There are other kinds of pipe and leak detectors and one of the widely used ones these days incorporate the Radar Technology and these were largely implemented by the military forces.


These detectors are efficient in detecting the minutest problems but the signals of these are largely dependent on various factors like Soil, texture of the soil and weather conditions.


One needs to spend a lot of time in doing a thorough research in understanding the kind of detector to be implemented else, having the technology can also become futile.


These are some of the types of Underground pipe and cable detectors that can be implemented to make the task simpler!

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