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Oncology is deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. A person who practices oncology is an oncologist.
The 3 parts that have improved survival in cancer are:
1. Prevention– by reduction of risk factors like tobacco and alcohol consumption
2. Early diagnosis – screening of common cancers and comprehensive diagnosis and staging
3. Treatment – multimodality management by discussion in growth board and treatment in an exceedingly comprehensive cancer centre
Cancers are managed through discussion on multi-disciplinary cancer conferences wherever medical oncologists, surgical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, and organ specific oncologists meet to search out the simplest potential management for a private patient considering the physical, social, psychological, emotional, and monetary standing of the patient. it’s vital for oncologists to stay updated with reference to the most recent advancements in medical specialty, as changes in management of cancer square measure quite common. All eligible patients in whom cancer progresses, and for whom no normal of care treatment choices square measure offered ought to be listed in an exceedingly run.
Surgery is often used for the prevention and treatment of cancer.
Surgery helps in removing the growth and close tissue and has been thought of as a good thanks to treat varied sorts of cancer. Surgery is finished once locating the cancerous growth, finding its unfold, and diagnosis cancer. it should even be wont to restore body’s look and relieve the body of the facet effects which will are caused by the sickness or its treatment.
The cancer surgery is additionally captivated with the expansion and unfold of the growth. Staging Surgery is employed to search out out the scale of the growth and its unfold. This, at the side of the results of different laboratory tests helps the doctor to make a decision on the sort of treatment the patient ought to receive.
Primary Surgery or Curative Surgery is one amongst the foremost common sorts of cancer surgery to get rid of the growth or affected components. In some cases, growth removal is the sole treatment or in few cases it is done at the side of the mix of therapy or therapy.
Reconstructive or cosmetic surgery is additionally exhausted cases whereby it’s needed to revive the body’s look once a surgery. Preventive Surgery is common within the treatment of cancer, particularly to avoid development of cancer.
Medical treatment cost provides all types of cancer surgeries.

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