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In today time it is very much clear that people and businesses will continue with the trend of losing their trust on costly hardware and infrastructure simply by maintaining the files and applications in cloud. A large group of cloud storage providers are out in the market who are offering the best of their services. What one must take care before taking up the service is choosing a registered trustworthy provider who as will be offering the utmost amount of low-cost storage and bandwidth as of now and keep your data safe and secure.

Here is a list Cloud Storage providers that are picked from the many. Each of the provider is offering free tier allow users to see if they are right for you before handling over any of the hard-earned cash.

  1. Just Is a online file storage used for all of the files, which help when you want to share or access those files from wherever you want no matter you being travelling. Offering security is the best of feature from them. Backup is made with the synchronization of files. It is cost efficient as of providing file storage and saves lot of your money in case you are renting or expanding the businesses.
  2. All your requirement will be meet with this storage provider. It is stable throughout the use. Easily restores files, files are secured and encrypted, no file restrictions, automatic backup of all files, Easily accessed worldwide.
  3. Zip cloud: Many of the features offered are similar but expensive yet the availability, security, backup capabilities that work exceptionally when used on ourselves. The stable and with the ease to access from anywhere when needed or as required by you to use or share your files with anyone. The accessibility of files via any mobile device is also available.
  4. BackupGenie: One of the stable cloud storage service provider. It offers easy software usage, which help it stand out and different from rest of the storage. With easy and simple sign up it offers different packages of businesses and three different personal packages.
  5. LiveDrive: As of stability, security raises red flags are of concerns. It offers a host of services to any individuality or businesses hence saving money and space on servers when it comes to documents and file backup as well as storage.
  6. SugarSync: The best for those who share lot of information via videos, files and documents. It is the best of advanced as it keep on updating its technology when it comes to business services.
  7. Dropbox: It is the grand daddy of Cloud storage as it offers 2GB of storage which is free and can also be extended to 16 GB that is irrespective of charge simply by linking your Dropbox to social media and referring to your friends as well to join the service. The enhanced feature of service is file recovery, versioning and also an add-on for Gmail.
  8. Carbonite: is the best outlet with unlimited storage space hence it is perfect for anyone who is having a thousand of high-resolution photos, or album of large media and movies. It has feature of automatically uploading the files to the cloud from a variety of devices. With automatic upload of recent files of your collection is safe and secure. The storage has clients of different supporting platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, applications for Android and iOS. It also offers advanced services such as localized backup.

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