What You Should Know About iPhone 8 and 8 Plus?

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iPhone 8- what you should know about- the features, price and release date:



  • This phone will help the users to avoid all the hassles with the wire of the charger and also the users will no longer need to carry it at all! This is because iPhone has incorporated wireless charging technology. The users will feel ease when operating this cell phone because this cell phone comes with extremely fast performance. There are some amazing upgrades to the speakers, camera and the screen of this cell phone by Apple. The users will get an access to 64 GB storage, which is double storage space than its predecessor iphone7.
  • This cell phone weighs 148 g. The front and the back of this cell phone are of glass and it also comes with aluminum frame. The screen size is 4.7 inches.
  • Although the design is same as the pedestrian design, the users will find that there are no headphone jacks and the battery life of this phone is similar to iPhone 7. There is an absence of the dual camera. There are three shades of colors available and these are: silver, black and a gold shade, which is new.


This is definitely a good upgrade than the previous models of iPhone. This phone has been rece


ntly released back in 22ndSeptember 2017. With 4.7 inch display apple iphone8 comes with the same old design. The apple iPhone 8 price

 is AED 2489 and the users will be able to unlock and authenticate this cell phone and purchase it from any Apple showrooms and authorized selling points in Dubai with this apple 8 price. For more information, the users can check the official Apple website to know more about iPhone price 8 new price.


iPhone 8 plus- what you should know about the features, price and release dates?

  • iPhone 8 plusis another great choice, if you are looking for more options than the iphone 8 that has been released back in 22nd September 2017. This cell phone comes with dual lens camera and this will offer the users with the bright and crispy photos and it will offer the users with an improved portrait mode.
  • With this cell phone, similar to the iPhone 8, there is no hassle of carrying and using a charger and this is because it comes with the wireless charging technology. The storage space for this cell phone starts from 64 GB, which is similar to iPhone8.
  • One of the drawback of the iPhone 8 plus is that it comes with the same old design. However, the upgraded features make up for this draw back.


This cell phone has been announced and released in 2017, at the same month as iPhone 8. This cell phone only weighs 202 gm and the design of this cell phone is the common front and back glass and aluminum frame. The screen glass comes with oleo phobic coating and it is ion strengthened glass.


The users will be able to get this cell phone in Dubai from any Apple store and authorized dealers and stores across Dubai. The users will be able to purchase this 5.5 inch display with a price higher than the iPhone 8. The iPhone 8 plus price is AED 3249.


Both iPhone8 and 8 plus will come with Ear pods and this comes with the lightening connector, lightening to USB cable, lightening to 3.5 mm headphone jack adaptor and 5W USB power adapter.


Both the cell phones offer the users with amazing features and price tag as a recently launched device in September 2017. If the users want to use something more upgraded and a latest Apple iPhone model, then iphone8 plus is a great choice. However, if someone wants to save money, yet wants to get upgraded Apple phone features, then they should definitely go for the iPhone 8. Both the cell phones will offer users with 12 MP camera for sharp and vivid pictures and touch ID to unlock the cell phones. The iPhone 8 however comes with a smaller sized screen than iPhone 8 plus. The contrast ratio of iPhone 8 is 1400:1 and it is 1300:1 for iPhone 8 plus. Both offer true tone display and wide color display.


Therefore, it depends on the users which one of these amazing cell phones to choose depending upon their personal preferences.


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