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Diamonds are the traditional choice for engagement rings. Classic and timeless, they are a durable stone that lasts a lifetime.

The selection of diamond as the centre stone of an engagement ring is rising in popularity since ancient times. Their durability and shine have captured hearts from all around the world. Being the most popular and sought-after precious stone in the world, it is multi-faceted. Its several properties that determine what grade the stone has.

Select A Shape

Round Diamonds

While selecting a diamond, your priority needs to be the shape of the centre stone for diamond engagement rings Brisbane. If you are not sure of which shape to choose, it will be helpful for you to know that the round shape is by far the most popular diamond shape. It’s incredible shine and brilliance has earned the name of being the ideal centre stone for an engagement ring.

Fancy Shapes Of A Diamond

Apart from the round shaped diamond, there is also other shape available for this stone-like, princess diamonds. This shape features an angular and contemporary look which looks fabulous in geometric and classic settings. The princess cut is the second best cut after the round shaped diamond in terms of brilliance but at a lower price.

A vintage inspired cushion cut is also ideal for the vintage setting. And if you are looking for something rectangular, a stunning alternative to cushion and round is available in radiant diamonds. As custom design engagement rings are an ongoing trend, you can pick up an elegant piece of diamond which is sleeker with step-cut like emerald or Asscher. This stone emits less brilliance but is more transparent than other types.

If you are thinking about your budget and at the same time considering the shape of the stone, going for a shape other than round will help you save your dollars.

Choose A Size

 The final set of considerations for the centre stone involves two main factors, size of the gem and quality. When you are selecting that perfect shape of a diamond, determine which one is most important to you within the given budget, size or quality or a trade-off between the two. Most people prioritise the size as it is the visual aspect of the stone. The carat of a diamond is a unit of weight; it is also used as an approximation for the size of the diamond. You can also use the measurements of a diamond as a useful indication of its actual dimensions as seen from face up.

Learn About The Quality

A diamond is distinguished by its 4C’s- cut, colour, clarity and carat. While carat is the unit of weight, you can focus on the other three factors to choose your ideal centre stone for the ring. The cut is distinguished as a significant aspect which has influences on the shine and brilliance of the diamond. A cut needs to be highly defined as a poor cut diamond makes the stone look dull and lifeless.

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