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Electric or fuel-powered tumble dryers offer obvious benefits when it comes to convenience and speed of drying. However, constant use of these devices can also mean devastating impacts on the environment in the long run. This is why whenever possible; many people use outdoor clotheslines to dry their clothes organically during warm and dry weather. Not only do these age-old mechanisms save money and energy, they also help keep clothes smelling great for longer, after drying out in the fresh, open air. More environment and health-conscious households will also love the fact that hanging clothes in a line is good exercise. There are all kinds, designs, and configurations of outdoor clotheslines available in the market today, among the most widely used of which include:


  • Retractable clotheslines – People who seldom hang clothes out to dry usually prefer retractable models, which can easily be pulled out as needed and then kept out of sight or neatly tucked in a corner when not in use. Retractable designs come in various types like single-line models for lighter loads or multiple-line models for much larger loads. These lines can be installed indoors or outdoors but are more popular in households and apartments where space is at a premium.
  • Drying racks – Portable or mobile drying racks are also ideal for small spaces as well as those who only ever need to hang small batches of clothes out to dry because they offer very little capacity. They are convenient for use indoors or outdoors as they can easily be set up in seconds and then folded away for storage. Their portable nature also makes it easy to keep clothes under direct sunlight as the sun changes angles throughout the day.
  • T-post clothesline – Perhaps the most commonly seen type of outdoor clothesline, the T-post clothesline comprises of two T-shaped metal posts, permanently driven into the ground, on either end of the line. These permanent backyard features are great for drying large loads of laundry. They typically consist of two lines running parallel along the sides of the post, and sometimes a third line in the center.
  • Umbrella clothesline – Those who don’t have the luxury of a huge backyard can take the space-saving advantage of an umbrella clothesline. This type of outdoor clothesline opens up to reveal several arms, in between which are lines to hang laundry. The arms fold in an umbrella-like fashion when not in use. Other versions even rotate with the strength of the wind as the breeze hits the clothes.


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BreezeCatcher Clothesline was established in 2005 by Tom Delaney. Tom is an engineer with electronic and mechanical experience and specialized in the instrumentation field in various industries from medical devices to the petroleum retail industry.


BreezeCatcher Clothesline was established in 2005 by Tom Delaney, an engineer with electronic and mechanical experience in various industries principally the petroleum industry. BreezeCatcher Clothesline is an online clothesline store which sells a variety of clothesline varying in features from height adjustability to rotatory to fixed wood grain finish and many more. We also offer free home delivery on purchase of $125.00 and more. We sell clothesline that are made up of durable materials which are non-ferrous to eliminate rust and we also bright anodized aluminum in our clothesline which can be cleaned easily.

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