Is A Wireless Security Camera Conwy A Good Idea?

August 29, 2018 | Author: | Posted in Home Security

Location matters when you’re sizing up CCTV systems. When you’re in the market for a security camera Conwy, it’s a very different experience from when you’re in a more rural area of North Wales such as Anglesey or Gwynedd.

What you expect from your system will no doubt be slightly different depending on where you live – and the choice between a wired and a wireless security camera in Conwy is a different process entirely from almost everywhere else. This is because of connectivity. Wireless security cameras require a strong Wi-Fi connection in order to operate.

In areas such as Conwy, connectivity is not that bad. In the case of native, non-Wi-Fi internet, the region does indeed have a 4G signal. For areas like nearby Anglesey, that barely has 3G. What exactly does that mean for your security camera in Conwy though?

In order to understand how this is relevant, it pays to look at what happens when your wirelesss security camera’s signal drops out. Even if you live right next to a telephone exchange and have the best ISP in the world, wireless systems are still only as perfect as the worst your internet connection gets. When your wireless security camera in Conwy, Anglesey, or anywhere else in the world has a connection drop out (say your router is restarted, has issues, or anything else) then it should default to a mobile internet system.

The quality of the mobile internet around the system is paramount. What can often be perfect for browsing the internet or reading an e-book on the bus or the train is not suitable for footage and images which can be recorded at 1080p, or more. You may feel that you don’t have to worry about this because you do have the best ISP in the world and you can’t remember your last internet outage, but there’s another worry with the fact that as Wireless security cameras in themselves can suffer dropped signals, they can also be considered “hackable”.

Your wireless security camera system runs through your home router. Anyone can get access to your home router and therefore the capability to turn it off by standing right outside your house. To successfully shut off your security system is a matter of child’s play should you have not changed the password on your router – and most criminals only have to look up a router’s default settings in order to make your security system absolutely useless – especially should you be based in an area with poor mobile internet.

Saying that – It’s not as if wireless security systems are all bad. Lots of people do seem to be gravitating toward wireless systems for the simple fact that they’re much easier to install than wired systems, and much easier to maintain – as well as pack up should you decide to move home.

When you look for a new system, it’s absolutely imperative to talk to a security company which will survey every aspect of the property that needs protecting, in order to ascertain what setup is best as well as provide you with choices based upon what is best for the property that you are in.

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