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Just like any other businesses, churches to use their own vehicles to carry out church operations and activities. There is a certain amount that was paid to purchase these vehicles and these vehicles play an all-important role in church operations. Any damage to these vehicles is a financial loss of church administration and it may have to bear the expenses of necessary repairs and maintenance to get church vehicles running on the roads all over again. Also, a vehicle that is owned by the church may get involved in an accident, thus resulting in injuries to others and its occupants. It is therefore a wise idea for churches to have a suitable Helena Church Insurance packages that can compensate for any losses and civil lawsuits due to vehicles owned by them.

The following are key points that church owners need to remember when shopping for commercial auto insurance.

1. Personal or Business Insurance: The vehicle which is used for church operations should be titled in the name of the business it is being used for. Regardless of the size and make of the car and whether it is used for pleasure or commercial purposes. The titleholder faces the possibility of being sued in case if the vehicle is involved in a road accident, bringing the entire church in a legal proceeding. If the insurance coverage is not under the name of the church, then the church may face some issues related to the validity of the coverage.

2. Liability Limits: Auto insurance companies offer different liability limits, from the very basic limits to as high as one million American dollars. A church that insures its commercial vehicles at the basic liability limits faces the risk of losing its business assets in case of serious injuries which may even lead to death of other persons due to involvement of their church vehicle in the accident. High insurance limits are required in case of auto accidents.

3. Vehicle Classification: It is very important to classify your church vehicle properly while purchasing Helena Church Insurance to avoid any voiding of insurance coverage. Improper classification of your church vehicle can render your auto insurance policy useless besides putting church authorities in a serious risk of losing significant business assets. A vehicle that is used as for church operations is classified differently from the vehicle that is used for personal use by the church staff. The two trucks are classified differently and their premiums are charged differently too.

Coming to conclusion, if your church uses its own vehicle then it is of paramount importance that you get it covered under a comprehensive auto insurance to protect your church’s interests in case of any accident and subsequent legal action. An uninsured church vehicle can be a great liability for the church if it gets involved in a road accident.

It is always a wise move to get your church vehicle insured so that the costs of damage and civil lawsuits are compensated for by the respective insurance company.

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