Importance of Security Surveillance In Today’s World.

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Security is a matter of prime importance in the present day. Whether it is about an individual or an entire nation, everyone tries to put an extra effort to ensure their safety and security. With the constant rise in crime esp. in the developing countries, India needs to increase investments in security and surveillance.

An effective way to ensure the security at your home and workplace is by installing the latest security surveillance devices. These not only are able to provide you with live updates on what’s happening at your premises but also save you from the costs involved in employing security guards. Following are some of the benefits of installing a security surveillance system at your premises.


1)         Complete coverage


If installed appropriately, a security surveillance system can ensure complete coverage of all the vulnerable spots at your premises along with providing remote online access & live recording of events as they occur. Multiple CCTV cameras installed to cover each blind spot increase the efficiency of the surveillance system. An efficiently installed security system can completely overcome the chance of errors that come with employing human security. This is precisely the reason why Singapore Airport has approx 3000 cameras installed in its vicinity.


2)         Reduced costs


Installing an electronic security system saves you from losing huge sums of money that are spent on employing Security guards who may or may not have a clean background sans any criminal record. Moreover, a surveillance system is more capable as along with keeping a guardian eye on your valuables, it is attentive 24/7 as opposed to the security guards who might not be on duty as attentively as a security system.


3)         Helps in deterring crime


The mere sight of a CCTV camera is helpful in deterring criminals from committing any crime. In 1992, New York for the first time installed security cameras in a business district to help find and deter crime. The presence of a security surveillance system also ensures that your employees perform efficiently and avoid any circumstances that might risk them in losing their job.


4)         Assist in catching criminals


Security surveillance systems not only include CCTV cameras but also a number of other devices such as facial recognition and number plate recognition systems. These devices help in easily recognizing criminals and because they are able to provide a clear picture of the criminal, hence these can be used by the police to release photos and videos of the culprits to the public. That is why the banking Industry was the first Industry to have high-end security systems installed.



5)         Prevent hazardous incidents


Installing a CCTV camera and other security equipment in highly accident prone areas of your establishment can prove beneficial in the future. Properly selected and well-placed security equipment can help save you from potential damage because emergency measures can be taken immediately with careful monitoring.


6)         Encourage good behavior


Deploying CCTV cameras in your vicinity helps ensure that not only do your employees give their best behavior but also the customers that visit your stores refrain from bad behavior. It can also help record customer’s feedback on your products and services. For the same reason, UK on an average has 1 security camera for every 11 people.


7)         Ensures peace of mind


The presence of a home security system ensures that your near & dear ones are safe at all times, thus ensuring that you have one less thing to worry about. Some home security systems are equipped with features to not only inform you of potential danger but in the case of any mishap, they send you an alarm to prompt you to take necessary actions. Home alarm systems are beneficial for families who often need to leave their children or elders alone at home as when in an emergency these assist in getting immediate help.


8)         Remote online access


For businesses, it is always important to keep a vigilant eye on the ongoing activities of their business. This can be easily achieved by installing a security surveillance system that allows you remote online access to your security system. This type of system aids you in remotely monitoring cameras, motion detectors, and arming or disarming alarm systems.



Thus, not only is surveillance important to ensure the safety of your enterprise but also helps provide a safe working environment for your employees. Along with keeping a strict eye on any unwanted activity, it also gives you the facility to have a stern observation of the employees that work for you as you get to know how they behave in your absence which can be an added advantage for any enterprise. Visit www.videoconwallcam or Call us at 18001370030 to know more.

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At Videocon Wallcam we specialize in Security & Surveillance products & services. We manufacture complete range of Video surveillance products including AHD IP & Wireless Cameras, Digital & Network Video Recorders (DVRs & NVRs), Video Door Phones, Mobile vehicle cameras etc


At Videocon Wallcam we specialize in Security & Surveillance products & services. We manufacture complete range of Video surveillance products including AHD IP & Wireless Cameras, Digital & Network Video Recorders (DVRs & NVRs), Video Door Phones, Mobile vehicle cameras etc

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