Importance of Rummy Game in India and its addiction to Players

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Rummy game and especially 13 Card Rummy has been on the Indian scene for many decades now. In the initial stages of its appearance, it was considered to be an elitist game that we saw being played by the affluent in classic movies of Indian cinema. Not just men, even women used to relish the game in social get-togethers, parties and on celebratory occasions. However, in the contemporary technology driven world, Rummy app has made this fabulous game literally omnipresent in the country.

At one point, the game had started fading into oblivion as it was primarily associated with the wealthy and the elderly; but thanks to the net revolution, it has successfully resurrected itself and made a robust comeback. In fact, it will not be a fallacy to say that it has taken India by storm once again. Now the youth has also started savoring the game like never before. It is akin to the way they go crazy about the peppy remixes of classic songs.

It might be any happy occasion and any place such as a gathering of kith and kin at somebody’s home or some resort or any other picnic spot, people are eager to indulge in this all time favorite brain storming and amusing past time. Even the most reserved ones tend to join in and give company.

Housewives go for it in kitty parties. Office goers especially those who need to commute by trains or buses make it a point to make their time spent in transit fruitful and entertaining by playing rummy. Retired individuals don’t need any excuse and leave no opportunity to lap it up. Apart from this, there are umpteen clubs in every nook and corner of the country where the members savor the game in routine to get rid of their stress and drudgery.

It is essentially a two-way relationship between Indians and rummy– Indians enjoy the game and the game enjoys popularity in this country of diverse religions, cultures, castes, creeds, languages, cuisines and regions. As a matter of fact, it is such an effective social adhesive that it naturally bridges the gaps among such diverse peoples and brings them on the same platform. Here they can easily communicate in the wonderful rummy language which needs no words but is still easily comprehended.

Diwali, the festival of lights which is celebrated with great pomp and show in the nation, witnesses an even higher participation of denizens in this amazing card game. It is kind of a ritual undertaken by the believers to please the deity of affluence– Goddess Lakshmi to bless them with prosperity. The emergence of net has simplified things for the enthusiasts as the game has become even more lucrative with whopping promotions on festivals. Same goes for many other festivals too as celebrations become all the more pronounced with this game.

The online version of rummy has become such a favorite because it has numerous benefits. Some of them are that it is really vibrant, offers great flexibility, can be played from the comfort of one’s home, there is no need to look for fellow players, the tables are always ready, there are incredible offers and promotions on websites providing the services so that one can play longer and have tremendous fun as also earn big. Moreover, it can be played on laptop as well as cell phone. It is just an app that is easy to download and use. Besides, it doesn’t consume much memory on the phone and as such it is attracting players from myriad backgrounds.

Indians are typically fond of things that challenge their mental prowess and when that challenge comes with a powerful dose of entertainment, how can they lag behind? Rummy is a fantastic combo of both these aspects that find favor in India. So, the citizens are going for rummy in a really big way irrespective of their age, gender, region, religion, profession, caste, culture and social or financial status. The game seems to be a mascot of ‘unity’ in India. Hail Rummy!

The Essence

All said and done, 13 Card Rummy has always enjoyed a cult status in India ever since it made its appearance on the soil and now with the availability of the wonderful Rummy app, the game has become all the more popular among the masses. So what is holding you back? The tables are all set!

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