How to Speak English Fluently and Confidently

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The Secret of Learning to Speak English (The Right Way)

Here’s the secret: you must learn to speak English by doing, NOT by studying.

  • Listen to English conversations.
  • Talk to native speakers.
  • Practice speaking English with other students.

Imitate (copy) native speakers. Why You Should Learn to Speak English by “Doing”

              You gain knowledge by listening to English conversations and by speaking English (learning by doing). This is the right way to learn English speaking.

Correct Ways to Learn Spoken English (Alone)

If you don’t live where people speak English, don’t worry; there are 2 ways to learn spoken English by you, at home. I have used these methods myself. They’re all effective.


Five Methods to Improve All Your English Skills Reading

To continue improving your reading skills, choose a newspaper  you have never read before. Choose a genre of novels that is new to you. If you read a wider variety of genres and authors, you will encounter more varied language and you will be more likely to learn something new.


Listen more audio speeches


The Productive Skills

Now we will discuss the next type of language skills! Writing and speaking are the productive skills. You will need to create English sentences yourself, sometimes without any input.Many learners find that these are more difficult because they require more knowledge about English and how it works.


Test your ability to write to different people

Just because you do not need to use a more advanced grammar pattern does not mean that you should avoid advanced grammar. Try to use it all the time!

Think about:

  •        Past tense
  •        Progressive tense
  •        Future tense
  •        Conditional Statements
  •        Commands


Challenge yourself with new vocabulary. Just like with grammar, most language learners understand much more vocabulary than they actually use.


Incorporate idioms and expressions into your speech

Native speakers of every language use a lot of idioms and phrases in their everyday speech. Every day, make a list of five idioms that you would like to use. It is okay to repeat a few of the idioms for many days, or even weeks. The, challenge yourself to find appropriate moments in the day to use them. Even if you are speaking your own native language all day at work, you can do this silently in your own mind.

Then the next time you find a good moment to use them in English, they will come more readily to your lips, and your English will sound more carefree and natural.

1) Listen to correct English as much as possible.

Let’s say we take two groups of English students, and we tell the first group to study English every day, and tell the second group to listen to English every day. After 6 months, you will find that the second group speaks English much better than the first group. Why is that? The reason is that the second group has more implicit knowledge of English than the first group. More implicit knowledge means better speaking. This is why you must listen to English regularly. If you don’t do that, the best you can accomplish is being able to speak just basic or low-intermediate English (but not advanced English).

Of course, you can’t improve your speaking just by listening to English. You have to combine listening with some sort of speaking practice. So, let’s talk about the next method.

2) Imitate (copy) native speakers.

This is the best way to learn spoken English alone.

Here are some benefits of imitating native speakers:

  1. It makes you sound more like native speakers.
  2. It improves your spoken grammar.
  3. It expands your “speaking” vocabulary (words you can when you speak English).


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