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Kindle fire is an electronic device which has been introduced by the Amazon. This type of device is mainly used for reading e-books but other than reading e-books it’s  also  performs others functions also like the camera feature, Music Feature and many more.

But whenever anyone   buys Kindle fire the main questions arises how the user will setup his kindle fire or how he can use it in a better manner. So below there are some steps given like how any new user that has buy kindle lately will setup his account in the device.

  1. Switch On Mode-First fall when you get your kindle, switch on the device but if it’s does not get ON than charge your kindle device battery up to maximum limit so you can easily setup your kindle fire
  2. Language and Region-After your device gets switched On than on the screen device will ask you to select your  supporting language and your country region where you are living
  3. Connect to Wi-Fi-After selecting your Current region  and Supporting language the device screen will take you to the next step i.e. Connectivity with your Wi-Fi . You will select your current network and type your Password that will connect your device with kindle fire
  4. Downloads And Update –After making the successful network connection the device will check if there and any pending updates left. If yes then it will download and install them easily.
  5. Account registration-The next step will be the registration step if you already have an amazon account with you than you have type it in the username and password section and you have to register yourself. If you  don’t have any Amazon account with you than make a new registration by clicking on “New to Amazon”
  6. Restore Backup-You can also restore your backup data if have an kindle tablet before .When you select the option for Restoring the device will automatically download your all application and games, restore all your email configurations and fire settings.

So these are the basic steps through which any user of kindle fire Setup his account in the device.



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