How to Reset a Forgotten AOL Email Password

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The simple task of checking your email can be a big problem if find yourself locked out of your inbox. You may have run into this scenario if you’ve forgotten your AOL mail login details or AOL email password.

Luckily, the situation isn’t hopeless. AOL offers a simple solution that allows you to reset an AOL password. You can do this if you already have access to a different email account or have your smartphone handy.

Begin the Reset Process
If you forgot your AOL mail login details, you can click on the “Forgot password?” button at the bottom of the login dialogue box on the sign-in page. This will launch the password-reset application. There you will have to type in either your email address or your AOL username. Note that you’ll need to remember at least one of these, as you cannot reset your password if you don’t remember your AOL username or at least your AOL email address. Once you’ve filled them in, you will need to type in the code displayed in the CAPTCHA field. Once you’re done, click on the button labeled “Next.”

Reset Your AOL Password
On the next page, you have two choices: You can either reset your password using your phone, or using a different email address.

If you choose to reset your password through your cellphone, you’ll click the link labeled “Text My Mobile” and enter your full phone number, then click “send.” A page labeled “Verify this is your account” will appear. Don’t close it until you get the code on your mobile phone and enter it on the page.

If you choose to reset your password using a different email address, the alternate email address should already be on your AOL profile. Simply click the link labeled “Alternate Email Address,” then select “Next,” followed by “Close.”

Using Your Mobile
Once you’ve chosen the option to have your number texted, you will receive a five-digit code on your phone from AOL. Type it into the box on the page that verifies if the account is yours. You can then click “Submit” and type in your new password twice into the resulting input box. Once you’re done, you should click “Next” and you will be taken to your email account.

Using Your Alternate Email
If you decided to go the alternate email route, then you should open the email you used and check for a message from AOL. There you should click on the option labeled “Yes, I would like to reset my password”. A reset web page will be opened where you will type in your new password twice and click “Next.” You will be rerouted to your email account.

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