How to Raise Funds for NGO Furniture

July 21, 2018 | Author: | Posted in Furniture

Not many people think of the crowdfunding India when they think furniture. But given the proper circumstances, it can be done. It won’t work of course if you are planning to renovate your million dollar suite. But it can be done in India for example If you are planning to furnish your non-profit office. Or your school for underprivileged kids. Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind while buying your furniture:


  •         Think of the people who are seeking crowdfunding to get the furniture items. As in, are they a poor and/or a single woman living alone on rent who got her furniture damaged due to something stupid? Crowdfunding would be much easier then, as your target wouldn’t be much.
  •         Think of the purpose the furniture piece would be serving. Is it a number of benches for a low-income school? Is it a few chairs in your office? Or is it a cabinet you want to buy? The character of your crowdfunding profile would depend on that.
  •         In case you are a non-profit who is doing it for a group of people and/or for the underprivileged, you can easily ask some furniture chain to sponsor your venture. While asking the big names for support would depend largely on the prior success of the crowdfunding campaign, or on your social capital as a non-profit, you can, of course, ask the local names to join you. In that way, it is a win-win for both as they too would get to market themselves on your crowdfunding profile through the tie-up.
  •         You can always upgrade your campaign depending on how it is proceeding towards meeting the target. From having a campaign to supply chairs you can, of course, upgrade it to furnish a few houses in the local shanties.
  •         The best idea to go about this would be to start on a moderate scale. Proceed along the lines of a single project with a few people in it to see how the donors respond.


Never forget that this is not going to work if you display any hint of luxury. Because to be very honest, that would be useless on the crowdfunding websites. In a country like India where a million cases are seeking crowdfunding every day, your endeavour to crowdfund should always be towards something that would benefit the less privileged. All you need to do is to set up a crowdfunding profile on the best crowdfunding platforms in India and share it away.

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