How to Print to PDF from Thunderbird Mailbox with Attachments?

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Learn how to print to PDF from Thunderbird folder including attachments with help of most commonly used application – MBOX to PDF Converter. The application helps users to print Thunderbird mailbox into Adobe PDF document in a bulk at one time process without misplacing any type of data.

Nowadays, most of the users wants to secure their data and they do not want to lose any type of info. So that users want to save their data into secured file format i.e. PDF (portable document format) file, which provides options to set up different levels of access to protect the content and the complete document, like as watermarks, passwords or digital signatures. PDF also offers more benefits to users, which are mentioned below:

  1. Graphic Integrity: A PDF shows the exact same content and layout no matter which operating system, device or software application it is viewed on.
  2. Convenient: PDFs are simple to create, read and use by anybody.
  3. Secure:Offers options to set up altered levels of access to keep protect the content and the whole document, such as watermarks, passwords or digital signatures.
  4. Compact:Although PDFs can ideally include unlimited amount of data, they can be compressed into a file size that is simple to exchange while retaining complete control above the level of image quality.
  5. Multi-Dimensional: The PDF format permits you to integrate many types of content — text, images and vector graphics, animations, audio files, videos, 3D models, interactive fields, hyperlinks, and buttons. All of these essentials can be joined within the same PDF file and prepared as a report, a presentation or a portfolio.

Manually Print PDF from Thunderbird MBOX Folder

 There are two steps available for converting MBOX files to PDF manually:

  1. Import the required MBOX file to Mozilla Thunderbird
  2. Export this MBOX file to Adobe PDF format

 #Step 1.Import the Required MBOX File to Thunderbird

Method 1.

  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird
  2. Click on the Tools option and choose Import Export Tools
  3. Select MBOX file from the different options present

Method 2.

  1. Copy the required MBOX file and paste it on the location where Thunderbird saves its data by default
  2. Restart the Thunderbird
  3. You will get the MBOX file in your Thunderbird account 

#Step 2. Export This MBOX file to Adobe PDF

  1. Open Thunderbird and Navigate to Tools option and then, select Import Export Tools
  2. Select Export all messages in the folder and then choose PDF format
  3. After that a warning messages will automatically open and showing the message that the attachments will not be saved. If you do not have a problem with that and you need to migrate files, then click OK to continue the migration process.

Drawbacks of the Manual Method:

  • Any mistake at any step or point can effect in the data loss
  • The technical knowledge about email clients and platform is necessary
  • The most significant cons of the manual method is that users are not able to transfer attachments by following this method.

Third Party Tool – MBOX Converter to PDF Software

To overcome the drawbacks of the manual solution and Print PDF from Thunderbird mailbox with attachments, you can go for a professional and automated solution such as MBOX to PDF Converter that provides few simple and unique steps for users to smartly understand how to print to PDF from Thunderbird MBOX folder. Using the MBOX Converter to PDF application allows you to print bulk emails from Thunderbird mailbox to Adobe PDF in one time process without any issue. While converting MBOX to PDF, the software provides two options for saving PDF including attachments. First option is to save PDF embedded with attachments or save all the attachments into a separate folder.

Step-by-Step Process to Print PDF from Thunderbird:

Step 1. Run MBOX Converter software on your system

Step 2. Click on Browse File/Browse Folder and choose MBOX files for converting into PDF

Step 3. Then select PDF as Output file format and click on Start button

Step 4. After that choose saving location where you want to save converted files and click on OK button

Step 5. Then a new Window will appear showing message of “Conversion Done Successfully”.

Step 6. Click OK button to accomplish the process

Recommendation: Free MBOX to PDF Converter

Free MBOX Converter to PDF demo version is also available for you to check the software working for how to print to pdf from Thunderbird mailbox before buying its license key. Using the MBOX to PDF Converter free edition, users can print 20 emails from Thunderbird mailbox to PDF format including attachments. After satisfied with the software working you can go with its license key that allows you to print bulk MBOX emails from Thunderbird to PDF at one time.

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I am Vella Roger, working as a Senior Technical Analyst in a renowned software company that delivers numerous email migration utilities to users.


I am Vella Roger, working as a Senior Technical Analyst in a renowned software company that delivers numerous email migration utilities to users.

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