How to Find the Right Interior Design Company for Your New Office?

If you have just bought a new office, chances are you are looking to do some renovation work to transform it into the workplace you have always dreamt of. An interior design (ID) firm can help in bringing your dream to reality but you need to be careful when choosing the right company. There have been instances where corporate space owners get stuck with half-done or poorly completed renovations.

In some cases, there remains a gap between client’s expectations and solutions offered by an interior designer. Choosing the right firm is key to ensuring you have the workplace of your dreams and get it done with minimal stress. There are renowned interior designing firms in Singapore but you need to make a choice carefully to ensure that your dream project gets completed in the desired time-frame within your pre-decided budget.

Here’s a look at key points to consider:

1. Is the firm licensed?

If you are a corporate space owner or you have taken it on lease, then you need to find out if the interior design company is registered with the appropriate Singaporean authorities. Being registered with such authorities means that the firm has undergone training and understand the dos and don’ts of renovating corporate buildings and spaces. Also, check their license and financial credibility to be double sure of the decision you are making. You can consider asking for references from friends and family to hire the same designers whom they have worked before with.

2. Area of expertise

Whether it is contemporary or bohemian, everyone has personal preference and style. The same applies for interior design companies. They may be better at doing certain designs than others so choose the one that is familiar with the style you want. As a client, you must have some idea of how you want your space to look and whether it is feasible or not.

3. Who will handle the project?

It is important to find out if the designer will be handling the whole project or it will be assigned to a site coordinator. You might have an initial meeting with the designer and communicate your expectations with them but if he/she is not going to look after the day-to-day aspects, you should talk to the project manager to ensure there is no miscommunication of expectations.

4. What is their payment scheme?

It is important to know how the ID firm will charge for the work. Some firms charge upfront for their design and management fees. Others may choose charge a percentage of commission on all net purchases and management fees. There could also be firms asking for a 50% deposit, as is the normal procedure before starting the actual work. Knowing about their payment schemes will help you to plan your finances in a better way and give ample time to organise money, if required.

5. Timeline for the project

You should ask for a detailed project timeline as it allows you to perform a spot check and verify if the work on the site is on time or is delayed. In case of a delay, you should ask for the reasons and how soon you can expect them to get it resolved. It helps in managing expectations and assessing the firm’s capability. Having a timeline for the project also helps in tracking their performance and ensures that the renovation / transformation work gets completed punctually.

It is essential to consider that an office space requires efficient and practical interior design. It not only helps in optimum utilisation of space but also creates a comfortable and lovable workspace for employees. Search online for more information and suggestions on choosing the best company that offers various solutions for office interior design in Singapore.

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