How to choose a good car rental company for travel plans?

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Kolkata is a vibrant and dynamic city. The city is filled with history and culture, giving it a distinct look and feel. Several tourist visit Kolkata to experience the cultural heritage and the dynamic lifestyle of the people. As the number of tourists’ footfall has increased, so has the number of travel and logistic service providers. Many service providers offer car on rent at Kolkata for sightseeing purposes or airport pickup and drop to the specific location.

However, a huge number of car rental services might end up increasing the confusion for the tourists. To help them sort out the confusion, the given write-up provides some important pointers for selecting the best cars rental Kolkata service provider. This page would include some undeniable tips, which would assist the tourists in choosing the best tour operators for their Kolkata tour.

What to look for before booking a car rental service?

Currently over a thousand-car rental, agencies are registered in the government registry. The actual numbers might exceed the registered amount. Also, many dubious and fraud companies claim to be a service provider but in reality might fail to deliver the promised services. While booking a rental company try to look for some of the given pointers:

  1. Check the company website for the reviews: In the age of internet, many service providers are trying to establish their online presence to reach out to more customers. These websites have a review section where the existing and genuine customers can give their feedback. Before booking an agency, check if they have a valid website. If they do, then go through the reviews. Ideally, selecting a rental company with maximum positive reviews would be a better choice.
  2. Number of vehicles in the fleet: Before booking the car, the tourist should go through the list of available cars with the travel agency. Going through the fleet of the car helps the tourist in deciding the required car as well as shows different types of services available with the car rental agency.
  3. Comparative pricing: While booking a car rental agency, the tourists should ensure to go through the comparative pricing mechanism to get the best deals. Also many car rental companies offer good discounts to customers making a booking though their web portals.
  4. Checking the insurance: While booking the vehicle from the rental company, the customers must ensure that proper documents are provided along with the car. Documents such as insurance certificates, pollution certificates, etc are must.
  5. Policies of the agency: Also a quick run through with the companies renting policies would help the customers in making the choice. Besides understanding the terms and condition of the rental company creates a transparent and error free transaction between the customer and the agency.

Car rental service- self driven or with a chauffer?

In most cases, while booking a car from a rental service provider in Kolkata, the travelers would be provided with a car along with the chauffer. However, more and more tourists are now opting for self-driven cars. Having a self-driven car gives travelers to explore the city at their own time and personally experience the culture. With the help of modern day navigators, finding a destination has become easier. This factor has also contributed towards increasing demand for self-driven car among the tourists.

On the contrary, having a chauffer driven car provides the tourists with more comfort and a hassle free travel plan. The car rental services provide the travelers with experienced and professional drivers. These drivers know the locality and escape the traffic-congested areas via shortcuts. Also, the chauffeurs can guide the tourists about the hidden gems located in the city which never get mentioned in the travel blogs and guides.

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Aircom travels a reputed car rentals company in kolkata offers car on rent at Kolkata. Hire car from this premium rental agency at affordable rates for party.


Aircom travels a reputed car rentals company in kolkata offers car on rent at Kolkata. Hire car from this premium rental agency at affordable rates for party.

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