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The All India Council for Technical Education with an objective to offer on the job practical training to enhance employability of students pursuing graduation/diploma launches a program name NEEM Scheme (National Employment Enhancement Mission). The main objective of National Employability Enhancement Mission (NEEM) is to offer on the job practical training to enhance employability of a person. NEEM scheme can really boost the Indian economy.

The government of India came out with a radical new scheme called NEEM Scheme. Firstly it gives priority to the Indian less skilled and unemployed youth. NEEM scheme has an aim of providing skills to the youth which will set them on a right career path. The training program in the NEEM Scheme is designed by the hiring company and according to its current skills requirement. This makes for a concrete skills development program

By this program, both students, as well as industries, are gets benefited. The trainee gets an Opportunity to Learn on Job Skill and Earn an Employment. They achieve valuable Work Experience that leads to a better Career option and Acceptance by the Industries. NEEM Trainee gets the requisite Skill Development from the hiring company and the company also acts as a guide for the trainee to mold his career in the right manner. The course helps the trainees get more productivity and efficiency in their trades.

India’s evolution to a knowledge-based economy requires an innovative new breed of educated and skilled people. Until unless we are innovative there is no chance that we can grow. It automatically increases their productivity and companies profitability. It also increases the quality and quantity of the employee performance.

Industries Gets well trained & skillful Employee as per the required skill set. This scheme improves the competence & efficiency of the organization. The companies get an opportunity to develop its own Skilled Manpower according to their requirements & work culture. Industries should realize that what good cheap labour will do for them if they are not trained to work efficiently. We face international competition. In most of the products, our competitors are doing better in terms of price margins.

Industries are run by humans, from top to the bottom the efforts of individuals makes the bottom line grow. Industries all over the country are clouded with issues of the skills gap. Hence, the NEEM scheme is actually the practical way to figure out this problem. Every industry has the different way of working. and different expectations from workers.

The idea behind this concept is to provide a platform to a student with employable skills to gain the first-hand experience while earning a stipend. At the end of the course, they may be employed by the same company or they can move to another one. The employee gets a confidence boost while undergoing the apprenticeship program. Hence NEEM Scheme is also a great option to increase the growth of the organization with the latest skills

This earns & learn program fulfils the gap between the student & industry. Candidates from a non-technical stream or those having discontinued their studies after Class X are also eligible for on-job training to enhance their employability in the industry and other sectors.

NEEM Trainees are turned out as able professionals who can contribute positively to the society and are real economic assets of for the nation. It also promotes a sense of belonging to the trainee as it is his first professional stint. The levels of discipline are also higher. The industries in this way can produce manpower which is globally competitive. This scheme would also generate employment for the youth and give them a purpose to work.

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