How cloud is transforming the construction & development industry?

September 5, 2018 | Author: | Posted in Internet

 “Remote computing possibilities & cloud tech have transformed the world in many different ways”

One mightn’t expect but modern technology now has taken hold completely in almost every industry with construction and development being the greatest example.

It’s helpful
The fact which makes it so special is its ability of processing, storage and data/information management which is executed remotely through offsite servers or futuristic data farms. Take for instance the simple Dropbox which allow users to upload multiple files and documents to the cloud drive and access them anytime, anywhere and on any smart device, given internet access.

The implications are serious for business entities including construction companies. Corporations can save considerably on the operating fees and costs by utilising cloud service and deployment of local system. A real-world example can be of onsite project managers and workers who can review and edit on the same blueprints at the same time from totally different locations. It improves cohesiveness, keeps all in the loop and informed.

The popularity of PCI DSS cloud compliant service is quite obvious from these facts as more or less 92% companies worldwide have now deployed public cloud model whereas 75% moved to the private cloud. In 2018 so far, the numbers have increased significantly as compared to the previous year. Generally, it represents adoption and support for the cloud tech expansion in the future. That said, how this technology pervades into construction? What change it has brought upon and the benefits overall? Let’s explore to find out the answers.

Accomplish more with fewer resources
As long as internet connection is active, cloud services, online software and drive access are available. Brett Mireau, technology development manager for the Gregory Poole Equipment Company says;

“Through telemetry data, viewing information and events in real-time with imminent solutions to the customers is now possible. We’ve deployed software that can prioritise events being monitored based on scoring system as per selection to help qualify these touch point solutions. Without tech integration, decisions would’ve been taken on assumptions and typical consumer patterns that are always evolving which could undermine accuracy.”

In a dynamic industry such as construction and development, teams are constantly on the move, visiting different sites and engaged in activities far from the actual office location. Cloud tech here is a huge convenience which keeps everyone connects all the time with easy access to information thus streamlining the entire process right from the start.

Cross-collaboration among multiple agencies and active parties is yet another huge benefit. Since contractors are working with various teams to oversee timely completion of the project or task, they need accurate and real-time sharing of essential documents and development blueprints which is easily achieved by cloud platform.

The technology also removes the hassle of email or multiple documents uploads between groups since online tools and editing application allow instant tweaking to the documents and save them imminently over the cloud drive. And in case the file size extends, performance and effectiveness remains intact which is a huge pro for mobile users and others with limited hardware access.

During 2017, more than 87% construction companies showed their interest and deployment to cloud-hosted software for future prospects.

Interconnected jobsites & enhanced collaboration
Adding to the many benefits is cloud’s ability to sync or align separate/isolated jobsites, allowing teams to keep in touch and collaborate on the same network thereby everyone’s informed being in the loop. For project managers, it gives them critical insight of all the team activities, the primary focus and possible collaboration or assistance whenever required.

Concurrent insights & metrics
When many different devices are connected and using a centralised network or system, likelihood of gathering vast amount of user information is substantial. In the construction industry and associated teams, project managers and all can extract detailed statistics on their deployed team members at all the time. These details are integrated with location tracker or GPS which helps in keeping a check on performance metrics and work progress.

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