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Hotels, motels and villas are three significant accommodation ways to stay during your trip. Though they do the same work, a vast difference lies regarding their services and facilities. In this post, we are going to compare the luxury hotels with hotels and motels. After reading this post entirely, you will have a bright idea of what suits your trips.


Motels are the best place for travelling junkies who are looking for a few days stay. Motels are mostly located near the highways and provide the resting facility to people seeking to rest for a while. Along with this, the number of people can stay in motels is very minimal

Hotels, on the other hand, have the better facilities than motels. You can find some of the premium hotels in our country like The Taj Mahal Palace or Radisson, these hotels provide luxurious comfort to its visitors and so do the charges may differ.

Villas, at last, are the dream places to live. With modern amenities, these are built on the city’s outskirts so that people can live in peace in nature’s lap. Villas provide a vast capacity to accommodate people as compared to hotels and motels.


The motel owners don’t focus on the insides of the places in a much broader extent. With a necessary architect, a motel can serve the modern nomads.

Hotels as compared to motels have the much better architect. If you look some of the premium hotels in our countries such as Le Meridian or Lila Palace, then you can feel the eye-soothing colours, decors and theme that they give to every guest.

The architect of villas has no match with hotels and motels. For instance, the La Villa Bethany in Mussoorie has deluxe rooms, individual suits and log cabin in its vast area, premium wooden architect of colonial-era adorns the whole place.


Motels don’t have any special events for its guest as the purpose is only to rest for some time during a long trip.

However, the case is not similar for the hotels as different hotels do offer diverse activities. It may include, indoor games, kids zone, swimming pools, trekking, sight-seeing and much more.

Villas, on the other hand, provide the guests with a vast number of activities including adventurous sports, group games, pool tables, fitness centres. You can also find boutiques in some of the luxury villas in Palampur.


In our country hotels are used to be the first choice for everyone who is looking for an accommodation. However, the option is not budget friendly if you are a backpack traveller and leave the place after one day. Any resort with all modern amenities will charge you more than your travelling cost. However, you can solve your problem by choosing the best motel on the nearby highway, as it will be a convenient way. Villas are the best choice if you want to escape from the social surrounding and relax in underneath nature.

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