Here’s Why Augmented Reality Apps & Games will be a Future Battleground

June 4, 2018 | Author: | Posted in Entertainment

Augmented Reality is a technology that creates a system-generated image that can be seen in the real world. With the invent of this booming technology, users who are excited to see the next level of AR gamesand apps, are the one who will be benefitted the most. Talking about the core of this technology, AR is built to create a physical environment whereby the elements embedded are augmented through real-world sensory inputs such as audio, video, and graphics. This is something that dominates the current perception of a user which is enjoying virtual reality with a partially interfered and simulate one.

Reasons Why Augmented Reality is a Promising Future Battleground

Reasons to get convinced of the potential of AR Games and apps – like those of AR Dunk – are many but a few of them are given below:

The Launch of Apple AR Kit

One of the leading tech-giants Apple has recently launched Apple AR kit which bets the future of Augmented Reality. This Augmented Reality app is intended to allow developers, working on various AR apps, in integrating digital experiences into the physical world. With the release of this app, Apple has proved that they are going to lead this technological trend.

Future of AR in Marketing Sector

AR is an innovative and creative way of connecting with the target audience. It has a huge potential which, if unlocked, can improve the way things are communicated to consumers. The best part about incorporating AR in the marketing sector is that it makes the three-dimensional thinking actually possible wherein users are able to see ads around them, instead ahead of them.

Augmented Reality Apps for Androids and iOS

There are several apps that are built on Augmented reality and running successfully. Software developers and programmers are working round the clock in developing apps based on the idea of augmented reality. AR Dunk,  a basketball game based on AR is an example of this booming technology. Unlike the conventional basketball game, AR Dunk allows you to augment a flying board in your own environment. This is the best feature of this AR game. Apart from this; there are other awesome features that makes AR this, one of the best Augmented Reality Apps available in the market.

Enormous Response for AR based Games

Did you see the response to Pokemon Go game which is based on AR technology? With the release of the game, the whole world seems to go crazy. Everyone was curious to know more about the game and play it at least once. This reflects what would be the response if more Augmented Reality games and AR Apps are launched.

AR in Social Media Platforms

AR Games is not the only thing that makes Augmented Reality awesome, instead it’s pretty good in other areas as well. Here, we are focusing on usage of AR apps on Social Media. Social Media Platforms such as Facebook are planning to incorporate augmented reality concept into their platforms. Specifically talking about Facebook, it is all set to release AR smart glasses that focus on harnessing the power of augmented reality into its platform.

Don’t you find all this promising enough to rate the Augmented Reality Games and apps as the future battleground? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. We would love to hear from you.

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