HCG Diet Assists Women Fertility And Magical Weight Loss

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We all know about the HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) basically used for the women and men fertility as the medical course of action, it comes into the injection form and patient can take help from doctor or medical assistant to take it. HCG basically increase the hormones balance into the women body so that they easier to become fertile in few weeks and similar men with low testosterone can take this injection to increase in their sperm count with this. Proper medical advice is necessary before starting the medical course of action. One of the other side benefits of HCG Diet is it weight loss capability. Several researches and medical experts are unable to find this extreme weight loss propaganda with this HCG diets.

Major Weight loss goes up to a pound a day. Several critics claimed the caloric restrictions are the initial responsible for the weight loss and not the HCG diet hormones. Some of the HCG Diet strictness are regular meal consumption will be only one vegetable per meal time, also prohibited the usage of food oil, no body lotions and use only hygiene products, and strictly limited use of the HCG hormone to odd cycles of 28 and 49 days. HCG Diet also did not allow regular exercise. In addition, Medical Authority Council not published any medical guidelines about the usage of HCG hormone; HCG is totally a prescription medication and medical supervision is essential before join the course of medical action.

Linda bought this pitch. “I am happy with this! Weight Loss is the magic potion comes with HCG!” she says.

So, the most asking question is: Is HCG injections also work for weight loss? Medical answer is yes, Correct. But when someone ask some different question: How does HCG work for weight loss program in obesity?

In medical science approves the fact that HCG decreases the hunger feeling. Regular diet should be half of actual diet. HCG immense into the human bloodstream which takes away the appetite. A pregnant woman initially feels the nausea symptoms while taking the HCG Diet. But with the proper medical experts, it will be override in near time.

Hormonal Working of HCG leads to enhance the fertility hormones into the body. Once the women’s egg has implanted successfully into the uterus area, the placenta will begin to create this fertile hormones. Actually, hormone receptors on muscle fibers that respond in a way to increased the hormone levels in patients taking the HCG Diet.

Chances of getting pregnant become higher for women’s. People suffering from the deficiency or imbalance of hormones as per medical confirmation will go through the treatment of HCG Diet. However, some of the obese people also prescribed with the HCG Injection for lose weight quietly.

HCG Diet increases the blood levels in body and never takes the overdose in case; you are missing in a day. Some of the other way of consuming HCG are pills, drops, or sprays, all these are easily dissolved into the blood as same as action as the injection does. However, an injection is the only recommended action of taking HCG and also for the fast action into the bloodstream. Always take Injections with initial written prescription and follow with the medical checkup under the guidance of recommended medical experts or doctors.

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