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Whether it’s for your own personal collection or as a gift to a friend or family member, you want to ensure that any fine jewelry purchase you make is a worthy investment. One way to safeguard your purchase is to shop at jewelry stores that you can trust. Finding a reliable jewelry dealer is simple if you follow a few easy tips.

  • Weigh their reputations. Ask friends, colleagues and family members about your local jewelry stores and you’ll surely receive a lot of valuable feedback. Though many people will have differing opinions, you’ll quickly learn if a store or seller has a reputation for less than acceptable quality. You can then filter these locations out of your list and not risk wasting valuable time only to be disappointed.
  • Always check and compare prices. According to Reader’s Digest, some may assume that just because large jewelry stores sell a lot of product, they’re able to offer the best prices. However, many corporate chains may put a higher mark-up on their inventory than independent stores. Make sure you always shop around to see where you can find the piece you’re looking for at the best price.
  • Look for certifications. According to Consumer Affairs, some jewelers will hold certifications that help legitimize their knowledge, skill and reliability. Jewelry degrees, certification from the Gemological Institute of America and bench professional certifications will help you identify a jeweler that is trained and educated in the buying, selling and repairing of fine jewelry.
  • Look for membership in jeweler associations too. Along with certifications, trustworthy jewelers will belong to organizations that require them to conduct their business according to certain standards. The Jewelers of America, for instance, require that all jewelry store members uphold high ethical standards when buying and selling their jewelry.
  • Don’t feel pressured to buy. Some jewelers only care about making a buck but the best jewelry stores will want to match their customers with the exact piece they’re looking for. If a jeweler tries to pressure you into purchasing an item you’re uncertain of, that means they’re only interested in your money and don’t sincerely want to help you find the best piece for your budget and style.

Finding the Best Jewelry Store 

Although there are plenty of dealers that sell fine jewelry, it’s important that you shop with a seller that will make you feel confident about your purchase. Ask those you trust for their opinions regarding local or online outlets and consider their advice. Once you start investigating sellers, check to see if they hold certifications or are members of respected organizations. Finally, never shop with a jeweler that pressures you to buy.

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