Your Guide to Buying The Perfect Designer Wedding Jewellery

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Bridal or wedding jewellery is always unique not only because it is exquisite but also because it carries with it memories of that special day. A lot of planning and effort goes into finding the perfect wedding jewellery that would complement the wedding attire.

A wedding is one of the most memorable days of our lives. Every bride spends months searching for the perfect designer wedding jewellery in Brisbane which is as beautiful as she is. Many brides commit the fatal mistake of choosing jewellery at the end of all the preparation. Some don’t put much thought and dash into a jeweller and buy something from the counter. A common form of bridal jewellery includes tiara, necklaces, earrings, bangles, bracelets, brooches, hair accessories and more.

Ideally, the bride should begin her search for the perfect bridal jewellery once she purchases the wedding dress. Since the wedding jewellery is bought to complement the wedding dress, a lot of forethought is required to make sure that the jewellery looks as impressive as the bride will look on her special day. Several factors need to be considered to ensure that the wedding dress and the jewellery coordinate and create magic.

  • Choosing the Right Metal – It is essential to find which metal is best for daily activities that your partner partakes in as some are more durable than others. According to jewellery designers in Brisbane, nothing works better for wedding jewellery than metals like white gold, palladium and platinum. Depending on the requirements you have, you can go for white, yellow or red gold jewellery or any other alloy which will ensure durability as well as be economical.
  • Blend with the Wedding Attire

The colour, design, style and pattern of the wedding dress should be given utmost importance while selecting jewellery for the wedding day. Make sure that the bridal jewellery blends well with the wedding attire and doesn’t look out of place. If the wedding dress has embellishments, sequences or is tailored with pearls then don’t wear outlandish or heavy jewellery as elegant and straightforward jewellery will blend well with your gorgeous wedding dress. You can also match the colours of your jewellery with the wedding dress to create a harmonious effect.

  • Jewellery should complement the Dress

Never overdo the jewellery along with the gorgeous embellishment on the wedding attire as that will spoil the harmony and won’t make you look elegant. The value of the jewellery will also deteriorate as the focus will not be on the jewellery but the wedding dress. The beauty of jewellery will be spoiled altogether, so it is vital to wear simple and beautiful jewellery when the wedding attire is heavy and rich. But when the dress is simple then you can enhance the beauty of the wedding dress by wearing a signature piece of jewellery that is heavy and gorgeous to enrich your appearance on that particular day.

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