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Whether worn as a wedding adornment or as a sparkly accessory to complement one’s ensemble, there’s no denying that diamond bangles make the most alluring and exquisite jewellery piece to wear. And when you have the convenience of choosing from a slew of diamond bangle designs online, it makes the experience of shopping all the more exciting.

From solid diamond bangles to torque bangles to split bangles, the options are endless and you can buy them from various trusted online jewellers who sell unique diamond bangles online in India. While diamond jewellery has always held a special place in Indian women’s hearts’, diamond bangles, in recent years has seen a colossal rise in popularity. It can be seen as an essential jewellery piece in weddings as well as in bridal trousseau.

A dainty diamond bangle that is crafted with sterling silver or gold and prettified with sumptuous diamonds is a piece of jewellery that has an enduring attribute to it; it can be passed down from generation to generation as a family heirloom.

While there are a number of pretty variations in Indian styles of diamond bangles which can be easily purchased online, however, when you are planning to buy it as a gift for someone there are a few things you need to be conscious about. When buying diamond bangles as a gift where you don’t have an idea about the wearer’s size, it is always safe and wise to go for a design that either has a gap (torque diamond bangle) or a hinge to it. This way you will not only save the trouble of exchange but will also have the satisfaction of seeing a genuine smile on the recipient’s face.

There’s another aspect of diamond bangles that makes it an easy and exquisite piece of gift-worthy jewellery and that is its neutrality. As opposed to a diamond ring (which obviously is a surefire signal for engagement) or a necklace (which can seem expensive and the recipient may find it awkward to accept it), a diamond bangle is free from symbolism and the perception of being an overly expensive gift. Not only is it an apt gift for one’s romantic partner but it can also be gifted to add that sparkle for occasions like anniversary, birthday, Diwali, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s day.

From classical to modern, contemporary to avant-garde, a diamond bangle ticks all the boxes when it comes to making you look your best version on your wedding day or a special occasion. With the wedding season in full swing, we recommend you poring over Pinterest boards, set aside pieces that you love and find them on any of the prominent Indian online jewellery stores selling gorgeous diamond bangles!

Happy Shopping!

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