A Guide To Buy Men’s Engagement Ring

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Since there are a variety of styles, designs and metals available for men’s wedding rings, the task of choosing the perfect ring is not easy. Hence, you should have prior knowledge of it.

A person usually considers dozens of things before selecting an engagement ring for his fiancé. However, when it comes to choosing his engagement or wedding ring, he may be left clueless with several options.

If you are thinking about buying men’s wedding rings, you should not let the ring be an afterthought. This single piece of jewellery you are going to wear, is for the rest of your life Hence, it is essential to choose a wedding band that is appreciated by both of you and your fiancé. Whether you are choosing men’s wedding bands or engagement rings in Mosman, consider these four things: metal choice, width, fit and finish.

Metal Choice

For men’s wedding rings, the most commonly used metals are yellow gold, platinum, white gold, rose gold and palladium. Have a look at the benefits of each:

  • Platinum: This metal is considered one of the rarest elements in the earth’s crust. It is extremely durable as well. Due to its hypoallergenic quality, it never causes any skin irritation.
  • Yellow Gold: Yellow gold is a classic option for men’s rings as it gives off a subtle and warm radiance.
  • White Gold: Plated in rhodium, this metal is a member of the platinum family. Although white gold has a brilliant white colour like platinum, its price is much lower. Remember that rhodium plating may require being replaced after a certain period.
  • Rose Gold: If you want to get a unique vintage effect on your ring, you can go with the beautiful look of rose gold. It is also a less common choice for getting a more distinctive look.
  • Palladium: Although palladium has a very similar look to platinum, it costs less than platinum and white gold.


Before choosing a perfect wedding ring, you need to decide the width of the ring so that it fits best on your finger. Hence, you should try a variety of different widths in wedding ring to decide which one you like most. The wider rings are usually more expensive than slick ones.


The edges of most wedding bands and engagement rings for men tend to be curved or flat so that right angles can be formed to the ring’s sides. You can also choose a slightly rounded edge for the ring as it a good choice for men who will wear it on a regular basis. However, you must try on different rings to know which ring fits you best.


The finish of a ring refers to the texture of its metal. Now, you need to choose a specific finish:

  • High Polish: High polish defines your ring’s metal having a reflective finish. For this reason, it is the most traditional choice for wedding rings.
  • Matte: If you need to have an underrated, modern feel in the ring, you can choose a less reflective matte finish.
  • Combination: It combines both high polish and matte textures in the ring.

Hammered: This kind of finish creates a textured effect on the ring as if a tiny hammer has pounded the metal. This finish provides an eye-catching, unique effect on the ring.

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