GST liable to be charged on “Free Banking Services”

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The general effect of GST on our economy has been in reality exceptionally valuable till date. This can be seen from the blasting duty income and perceptible fiscal consolidation during this fiscal year.

Mainly, all products and services have been secured under the GST. In any case, there are a few services that are basic for the overall population and these not meant to be taxed. Tax imposing on such services can cause an unnecessary burden on normal man’s shoulders. In a bid to help the small merchants and citizens having GST registration, the GST Authorities in the 27th GST council meeting that took place on fourth May 2018 had chosen to keep the free banking services like issuing checkbooks, credit cards and ATM withdrawing and so forth out of GST purview.

#1. Whether or not the free banking services to be charged with GST?

At the 27th GST council meeting, the Department of Financial Services had cleared all questions with respect to GST on the free banking services. It was chosen that such services have to stay out of the GST tax.

In any case, a couple of banks and financial institutions such as State Bank of India, ICICI and HDFC Bank have suggested that GST tax on ‘free services’ must be taken from the borrowers.

#2. For what reason should borrowers pay GST on ‘ banking services?

GST levy on ‘free services’ given to account holders having a base bank balance ultimately is faced by the bank themselves. Thus, the noticeable lending institutions have thought about passing this GST expense to their clients.

#3. Will now the ‘free banking services’ be brought under GST?

Truly, GST is probably going to be collected on such services. Since recent months, the GST division has as of now issued primer notification to business banks for exacting GST on services, for example,

  1. Issuing checkbooks
  2. Extra credit cards,
  3. ATM utilization and
  4. Refund of fuel surcharge

In such manner, a senior authority of Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) has additionally expressed

“Every single commercial bank will presently consider transferring the GST liability to the borrower. This would be a genuinely done and the GST sum so charged would go specifically to the authority. In addition, this would not cause extra weight on citizens having GST registration.”

#4. Which banks have accepted to charge GST on ‘free banking services’?

Importantly, numerous monetary banks have officially consented to start charging GST rate of 18% on the free services. As per a Prominent Bank official-

“We have concurred on a basic level to begin gathering GST from borrowers. The framework, in any case, should be worked out. The bigger banks having GST registration are probably going to turn out first with another approach in such a manner.”

#5. Who will get free banking services’?

The GST office has informed that clients having a base equalization in their ledgers can get some free services without GST charge that have “considered esteem”. In addition, GST will be determined based on the charges paid by just those clients who don’t have a base record balance.

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