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It’s a standout amongst the most pined for highlights of any kitchen plan: a rock worktop. Reliably famous, this hard-wearing, profoundly cleaned and to a great degree alluring material transforms any flat room into one you’ll need to engage in, invest significantly more energy in and one where you won’t have to stress over stains, checks, and cuts on the work surfaces. When they begat the adage ‘shake hard’, it more likely than not been about Granite.

From mining to the establishment, the make of rock worktops is an entrancing procedure. Here are the means by which they are made:

What is Granite and where does it originate from?

Granite is crystalline volcanic shake that involves for the most part quartz. The quartz gives Granite its mark hardness and lovely look. It is framed at immense profundities and under outrageous weights from cooled magma, happening in various hues reliant on its mineral structure. It is discovered everywhere throughout the world, from Cornwall to Rajasthan by means of Vermont and past. Indeed, numerous districts are properly so called as ‘the rock capital’ or ‘on the Granite belt’ as proof.

Mining and cutting

The Granite is penetrated and impacted out of the mine, at that point cut utilizing uncommon machines into squares of around three meters long and one and a half meters wide. These chunks are additionally cleaved into littler ‘scants’ which have a profundity of 20 or 30mm and are cleaned on one side. When this has occurred, the Granite is delivered to its next goal, prepared to be created.

Templating and creation

In spite of the fact that the ‘principle’ cutting will be done at the mine, much should be finished by the seller’s specialists according to the client’s bespoke plan wishes. For instance, the customer may need adjusted edges, sprinkle backs or maybe a morning meal bar.

So as to work out where the joints and patterns (spaces for the sink, taps, hob and perhaps drainer grooves) may go, additionally to design whether a huge chunk of Granite can physically fit into a kitchen, a genuine size layout will be made by an expert ‘templater’. This estimates the surface to be secured with rock and guarantees that pantries or units are adequately weight-bearing. The completed, closed down layout speaks to the proposed structure and from this, the rock can be manufactured in like manner, utilizing best in class hardware.


Granite kitchen worktops can be created in an assortment of completions, every one of which is accomplished utilizing distinctive finished precious Granite cushions. The most widely recognized complete is a high sparkle, for which the best cushions will be utilized. So, numerous individuals like a ‘sharpened’ complete, one which is matte and smooth, while others may choose something somewhat more surprising, for example, sand-impacting, for a ‘crude’ look.

After this, the Granite will get its first layer of sealant, which builds its protection from fluids, acids, warm and different imprints.


Fitting, shockingly, does not take that long – for the most part, close to four hours. The Granite is viably instituted utilizing its very own weight, leveled with silicone dabs, at that point synthetically set up. The second layer of dry sealant will at that point be connected, for extra insurance.

The troublesome part will make an effort not to utilize the work surfaces for an imperative couple of days after establishment!

Getting a charge out of

There’s little support required with Granite kitchen worktops, other than the typical cleaning, however, the direction will, as a rule, be left with the client. That implies, in this manner, that the customer is just left with a delightful Granite worktop a component that they will constantly need to flaunt to their closest and dearest, determining long stretches of joy and increasing the value of their home into the deal.

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