Gold Jewellery: From weddings to daily wear

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that gold jewellery is an absolute requisite for any special occasion, especially weddings. People wear ornate items of jewellery on special occasions, which also means that it worn seldom. This is especially true for young people who are also considering platinum and diamond options along with gold.

Modern designs however are making it easy for people to wear gold on a daily basis. Increasingly, women can be seen wearing gold jewellery to office, casual lunches and even for a normal day out. With the majority of the young population buying gold jewellery online, all major jewellery brands are turning to the World Wide Web to reach the right set of audience and showcase their collections.

Here’s a look at the reasons and results of gold jewellery being preferred for daily wear rather than just for weddings:

Change in customer preferences
Gold jewellery was used not only as a symbol of status and wealth but also as an investment option. Most people kept it locked until a special event demanded its appearance. The younger generation has varied investment options, so the outlook towards gold is very different. They want to buy gold that they can wear and not just lock away. Therefore they are pickier when it comes to design and looks.

Gold is slowly moving away from being an ornate decorative item to a statement of style. With better, modern designs, the trend is here to stay.

Sleek designs
Since it is easy to buy jewellery online, youngsters have a lot of options in terms of designs and do not want to buy pieces that are extremely common or heavy. Realizing the change in trend, jewellery brands are coming out with collections that are not too heavy or ornate and can be worn with ease on a daily basis. The designs and getting sleeker and more convenient for daily wear.

Modern, but in touch with the roots
The current generation of consumers is modern but very much in touch with the roots of Indian culture. They are embracing traditions in new and unique ways. While they want to own gold, they do not necessarily want to own designs that are gaudy or too elaborate. Instead, they are looking at designs that are in touch with modern sensibilities yet in line with our heritage. With more and more people accepting gold jewellery as daily wear, its status has changed in the minds of the consumers.

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