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Getting a loan from a bank is never a problem when you have approved CIBIL credit score and necessary documents in line. However; paying EMI can be a challenge. It may not appear like that when you are applying for the loan but; it can be a financial burden which you need to carry out till you pay off your entire loan. If you are fearing about costly EMI’s burden; there’s a way out to this option – apply for EMI Free Loan. It is the perfect loan option which relieves you from the burden of EMIs.

You may not have heard about EMI Free Loan which is true. This amazing loan product is introduced by the LoanTap witnessing the woes of the loan applicants especially those who are really struggling to pay the EMIs.

How does EMI Free Loan work?

Based on your eligibility, we disbursed EMI free loan amount directly to your bank account.

Because; it is “EMI FREE” loan – an interest only loan which lets you have the “LOAN” without paying EMI for a period as decided during the sanctioning process of the loan. Since; this is interest only payment, your principal amount remains unchanged. The day you are comfortable to repay the “X” amount of the loan; your total outstanding amount reduces and there is a new interest calculation applied based on the outstanding loan amount.

Interest is calculated from the date of disbursal and the same is added to your loan statement. Same has to be paid on 7th of the following month. Finally, you get to have an EMI free personal loan that meets all your terms and conditions and propels you to growth.

Why Choose EMI Free Loan?

There are few good reasons why you should choose EMI Free Loan than any other loan alternative and the reasons are:

  • It Offers Financial Flexibility

EMI free loan offers you the financial flexibility which is a rare possibility with conventional loan EMI options. In here; the loan applicant is free to pay off the partial principal amount depending on his/her convenience.

For example; if you received a job appraisal for your work and that is almost the half of the money you lend it under “EMI Free Loan”. You can choose to pay off the partial amount using your appraisal money and get relieved. In the same way; when you are running low on cash; this loan product comes with an option that gives you the freedom choose to postpone paying for the principal amount and just take care of the interest payments till you are in a good position again.

  • There Are No Pre-payment Charges

EMI free loan is offered with “No Pre-payment Fees”; unlike regular loans. This is an amazing thing about this loan product as people fear about paying huge pre-payment charges to the bank for paying off the loan earlier.

So, even though they save money on interest by paying off their loan early, they lose some money at the same time due to the prepayment charges. However; if you choose to apply for an EMI free loan, you need not worry about pre-payment charges. The loan applicant is free to pay off the loan whenever he/she feels convenient.

  • Pay Less Compared To Regular EMI Outgo

With EMI free loan option your monthly cash outflow is less when compared with other loan EMIs options. Therefore; easing off the financial burden.

We understand this by an example; the usual personal loan EMI for Rs. 500000 is Rs. 2500 for 5 years with EMI free loan you will be paying a fraction of the amount that is Rs. 1500  monthly as an interest which makes a huge difference to your monthly budget.

  • Easy Expense Management

Personal loans EMIs are on higher side; which ultimately pressures you to limit the expenses till you pay off the loan. However; that is not the case with EMI free loans. It makes it easy to manage the principal amount. In fact, it is one of the best financial solutions for any financial emergencies as you can waive off with a lump sum amount whenever you wish to get the money in your hands.

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