Foodfleets Provides Food Delivery System and Order Dispatch System

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FoodFleets  is the simplest software that streamlines the whole delivery business for the restaurant owners. FoodFleets is a delivery driver app specifically designed for standard smart phones allowing owners the flexibility and the features they need to operate their restaurants delivery operations effectively. With the Food Fleets app, restaurant owners can assure that their drivers will receive all dispatched orders in order dispatch system.

Food Fleets created by Roamsoft, is an online food delivery system platform for the Hotel and Restaurant owners. The FoodFleet driver system displays both the shortest and fastest routes to make the delivery as efficient as possible. In the unforeseen circumstance that a driver and/or the vehicle have technical issues, they’re able to notify FoodFleet driver system through the driver app on their mobile, which allows another driver to complete the delivery with little to no delay. The app allows changing the status of an order in real-time allowing customers and the restaurant to track the status of orders.


  • To track individual driver locations in real-time accurately with GPS.
  • Customers are updated on the status of food delivery.
  • The system can map specific or any driver location to progress delivery order in real-time tracking assets.
  • To integrate the Food Fleet delivery system with other websites, such as through the restaurant’s Facebook page for easy access.
  • Details of maps, directions, resource utilization and many more to sustain profitable on route efficiency and servicing customers.
  • Analytical tool to monitor and improve average delivery time and driver performance
  • Easy to integrate into Restaurant’s system for food delivery services as well.
  • Performance of the business is well tracked weekly, monthly and provides enhanced financial monitoring.
  • Report on sales per month/ per week.

Business Requirements

Brand Positioning

It is essential to grow the food delivery business and maximising overall profitability by expanding into new markets, attracting new customers; develop the services for existing customers and Restaurant owners. All the feedback from the end users will be digitized in a tool which could provide selective information on demand.

Content Marketing

By creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire customers with the objective of driving profit to the business. The goal is to provide easy and attractive access to restaurant owners and drivers.

Content Strategy

A strategy will be initiated for adding unique, expert, and interactive content on a regular basis. Planning, development, and management of Content will be the main approach.

Custom WordPress

Stunning business themes that are custom-built to provide all the features that is needed in promoting and running business online has to be created. A design should be created according to the business needs. A mobile-friendly portal with a wide selection of responsive themes is necessary.

Information Architecture

It involves in creating a systemic, structural, and orderly principles to make online platform work. Information architecture involves in user experience, thereby considering usability issues of information design. Organized information is important to fulfill the user’s needs. So it is important to create consistent, effective, and descriptive labels for the website. A good navigation and search system helps the customers to find what they are looking for.

SEO & Analytics

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a method of techniques and tactics used to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining search results page of a search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines). Analytics is a free tool that you can used to track information about the way visitors to your site interact with it. Landing pages are a good signal for analyzing organic search traffic because each landing page has likely been created around a focus keyword. As a result, incoming keyword searches generally relate to the focus of the webpage.

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