Flower Decoration Design Ideas For Venues In Bangalore

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Private events are occasions when people celebrate their special days and moments of joy with their near and dear ones. The range or the scale of these events can be of various types. They could be small family affairs or large and lavish invitations for thousands where people might gather to celebrate occasions such as weddings, rice ceremonies, anniversaries, sacred thread ceremonies, baby showers and many more.


One of the elemental aspects that stand universal in all these events will be that of decorations. Since the early times when the event management companies and its concept did not even come to existence, flowers had been an integral item that had been used for the decoration of the venues hosting these celebrations. With time and age preferences and choices have changed, however flowers and fresh blooms still remains to be an integral element for Indian wedding decoration ideas and for private event venues across the world.


The change that has set in lies in the way these flowers are used or the additional elements that are added along with the fresh blooms to create the desired final theme wedding decoration look. Let us take a close look at the trends of flower decoration designs that can be seen in some of the plushest wedding locations in Bangalore such as the Templetree Leisure Bangalore, The Taj West End Hotel Bangalore, Balan farm Convention Centre, The Golden Palm Hotel and Spas and The ITC Gardenia Bangalore.


Choices Of Flowers

In the earlier times we see that flowers such as marigold was highly preferred for flower decorations for marriages and other auspicious occasions. However these days a change has set in and people are looking for more exotic flowers like the orchids, tulips, gladioli and carnations. Even then roses still happens to be a really popular choice for such wedding venue decorations. Whether it for the general decorations, pathway decorations or even the main reception stage decoration roses are often a common choice that is preferred for a large number of occasions and venues.


Adds On

These days for decorations of outdoor wedding venues in Bangalore organizers do not stick to just flowers for their decorations. Flowers happen to be the main items used for decoration but they are complimented with a large number of other items. Some such common items will be gold or silver bordered mirrors, bright and beautiful linen drapes, add ones of glitter and shimmer, small lights and tuni bulbs used to decorate gardens and trees and pathways and many more such items.


Theme Design

Theme wedding decorations are really in vogue in the current times. One of the major aspects of such decorations is that they often have a central piece, which serves as the axis around the rest of the decoration revolves. This axis could be the mandap or even the reception stage. On the basis of this axis the rest of the decoration is carried out.



There are two aspects that must be borne in mind so that the final look is an impressive one. Whatever you do or choose, it must be simple. Too much stuffed together never looks sophisticated. Elegance lies in simplicity. Again you must choose the venue in accordance to the volume of guests that you have invited. This is how the whole loom event will look like a lavish and well coordinated one. Some commendable venues to host private events in Bangalore are The Leela Palace Bangalore, ITC Windsor Manor Bangalore, JW Marriott Hotel Bangalore. However these are the best of the best and will come with a cost.

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