Five wholesale custom product ideas for corporate gifting

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Festivals are a busy time for corporate gifts supplier. During festive season their demand increases thus affecting the supply of their product. The process of selecting the gift is confusing and time-consuming. To choose one product out of many products available in the market is a bit nerve-racking. Although, if you want you can turn your corporate gifting event into a marketing event. Marketing a new product is difficult, but by giving few simple gifts to the employees you fulfill two purposes at a time; one is of corporate gifting and second is of marketing.

Corporate T-shirts

Gifting T-shirts as corporate promotional product is trending. But before choosing t-shirt as a gift item, an organization has to do a bit homework. You have to check the quality of the t-shirt. If you are someone who cannot compromise on the grounds of merit, then go for a branded t-shirt. And to make it peppy and attractive design a catchy logo for the t-shirt.


Laptop bags

Laptop bags are handy. They are useful, convenient and easily accessible. For many employees a quality laptop bags is their need. You can use the laptop bag in its best way by promoting your brand through it.


Photo Frame

Photo frames are not just for capturing the memorable moments. Be smart and think out of the box. Photo frames can be used as custom product idea for corporate gifting. By printing the name of your brand on a photo frame, you are cost-effectively advertising your brand.



Money doesn’t decide the value of a gift. A gift is a gift irrespective of its brand value and monetary value. Every gift has some emotions attached to it. A gift without any feelings is just an act of receiving and sharing.

A pen is indeed the most common gift any organization can present to its employees. But this one single gift is equal to many precious gifts. Even in the digital age, no organization can function without a pen. Pen, apart from writing also serves the purpose of promotion. Printing the logo of your brand on pen will advertise your brand.



Mugs also serve as a corporate gift idea. Mugs are the cost-effective gift item. The advantage of gifting mug is that they come with a lot of space for branding. You don’t need any festive occasion to gift mug to your employees. Anniversary of your company is the precious occasion to gift mugs to your employees. Before presenting the gift to your staff do not forget to print the logo of your company.


The custom product idea is the efficient way of promotion. Business people will try to put customized product forward during any promotional event. It will undoubtedly increase the sale of your brand and will increase the profit margin of your company. To improve the sale of your organization invest in custom product ideas for corporate gifting.




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