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Diwali- The most loved festival of the country is known as the festival of illumination which spans across five days. Dhanteras is a day when the celebrations of Diwali begin, people start making over their house, lighting it with ‘diyas’, LED lights etc., and mainly people shop all the valuable or posh things on this day. In India it is considered propitious to buy or gift something made of precious metal. That is why Perrian is the right choice to buy jewellery made of gold metal this Dhanteras.

Since you have decided that you will opt for diamond jewellery, we suggest you do it online because shopping jewellery online is easy, quick and inexpensive. Now, at you can buy ornaments for men, women, and children. In this article we will guide you through making the tough decisions with respect to selection of jewellery designs.

Decide on the Spending Budget

Purchasing ornaments is often considered extortionate, however, with Perrian you do not need to worry much about that. All you have to do is decide on the number that you want to spend and our wide range of jewellery designs, plus options to customise gold purity, diamond colour-clarity and filters to set a price range will make your job easier.

Who Are You Looking to Buy for?

Firstly, you need to decide who are you buying ornaments for. Jewellery is a very personal gift and it makes a big statement when you gift it to someone. Dhanteras is the right day to buy precious adornments on and that’s why we would suggest you should gift adornments to everyone you are close to on this day. Be it your parents, your wife, your children or someone who is very near and dear to you, we have something suitable for all.

What Form of Designer Jewellery to Buy?

The best part about shopping online with Perrian is that there is a separate catalogue for everyone regardless of gender and age. Our expert designers from USA and craftsman from Bengal has ensured that you be spoilt for choice when choosing a jewellery design.

If you are looking to buy designer diamond gold jewellery for a child, then you should take a look at our (baby pendants) section. If you are looking for a spiritual design, then Zodiac/spiritual pendants or our Ganesha collection sections are the right destinations for you

We also have designs like gemstone rings, starlet collection, mystic collection etc. in case you fancy buying something with coloured stones studded in your design.

If you are looking to buy something for your mother, your wife or any other woman that you love you can try our (diamond earrings) section which has some exquisite range of studs, hoops and drops available in three different gold colours (rose, white and yellow).

We also have a separate section of exclusive rings for men which have designs suitable for any man in his adolescence to a man who is a grand daddy.

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About us is a multinational online jewelry portal, entrenched in four different countries namely Australia, India, United Arab Emirates and the United States of America that believes in selling high-quality conflict free diamonds. The company’s agenda is to deliver fine jewelry products at the doorsteps of the individuals that are keen to add to their regalia or gift someone on special occasions; saving their time and efforts. This is how we are unique The main aim behind the establishment of the company is to provide the people from all around the globe who have an appetite for wearing fine jewelry which is made out of diamonds that are originated from Surat (India); a city that is responsible for handling 90% of world’s diamond cutting and polishing. Perrian will provide its customers with jewelry products that are manufactured by the company itself followed by the five step quality check process which will ensure that the jewelry is genuine and of the desired excellence. All the products will be sold directly to the customers’ giving them the benefit of availing our products at manufacturer direct price. This will make customers’ jewelry cost effective and thwart the risk of the product being tampered with. Our products You name it, we sell it! From engagement rings to wedding bands and diamond earrings to pendants Perrian sells everything and anything that is made out of high quality real diamonds. The company intends to provide its customers with fine jewelry designs that are unique and trending. Style begins at Perrian! We promise women that all we only sell the most state of the art jewelry designs. Still not satisfied! Brace yourself, we have more!!! Yes! For those of you who are brilliant at designing jewelry, you have been taken care of. Perrian allows you to design your Jewelry from scratch and guarantees that it will be made exactly the way you’ve always wanted. Amazing! Isn’t it? Our promise: Our promise is that we will maintain quality and ethical standards; we indulge in a diamond activity only after tracking the whereabouts of its origin and ensure that they are conflict free. Ethical practices: We are very cautious when it comes to the origin and legitimacy of the diamonds we use in our jewelry. Perrian has a strict policy of checking the whereabouts of the diamonds and ensuring that they are conflict-free. We are happy to announce that all of our Jewelry products are EGL (European gemmological Laboratory) certified. The most utopic piece of jewelry that you will ever wear is waiting for you. So don’t wait and rush to Happy shopping.

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