Find Great Deals for Self-Contained Portable Hand Washing Station with Hot Water

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Portable hand washing stations are excellent additions to any public access site where proper hygiene is of paramount importance. These portable units are unsung heroes when it comes to maintaining the health and safety of people in commercial, industrial, school, and health environments. This said choosing the right hand washing station is a critical decision that should be made with many factors in mind. Here are some things you should consider if you want to find the best deals on portable hand washing stations for your hygiene needs:


  • Environment and location. One of the first factors you should think about is the environment or location that the wash station will serve. Choose a portable unit that is the right size and height for your target users. If you are serving young children, such as in the case of a school set-up, choose washers that are built for their access. If you are investing in a self-contained wash station for industrial use, such as in a food handling business environment, make sure that the unit or units you choose are durable and robust enough for heavy duty use and are compliant with all relevant safety and health standards.
  • Critical hygiene needs and considerations. Portable washing stations ought to promote good hygiene. Units equipped with infrared sensors and similar features that allow users an ability to turn the water supply on and off without the need to touch the tapware are ideal, as they help keep the spread of germs through dirty hands touching tap handles.
  • Add-ons and features. It is highly recommended to consider accessories such as soap dispensers and holders, so you can keep hygiene products close by. If a mobile wash station is required, there are also portable units that offer good mobility, so you can move them around your facility and keep them where they are needed. Other mobile washing stations include storage spaces underneath the sink. These cabinets are not only great for concealing the unit’s mechanisms and components, but also for organizing hygiene equipment and supplies. Hot water washing stations are also a great option for those who want to keep their wash station sterile. Hot water is ideal in environments where users have to clean off particularly difficult to remove dirt and grime or those who want to kill off germs and bacteria from handling raw food and things of the like.

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